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  1. That question is like asking someone if he uses climbing shoes or not.. IMHO. If I tie nymphs for very fast water or riffles then I generaly speaking use gold/silver bead to add some extra flash that attract attention. If I tie nymphs for very deep water the I use tungsten beads to get that extra weight bonus. If I tie nymph for slow water then I almost never use beads. Except if I want to imitate emerging insects etc.
  2. I already saw that, but I want only refill pack, not the whole cube. Thanks anyway!
  3. Does really no one knows anything about it?
  4. Hello to you all! For the last few days I have been looking all webstores and ebay just to find SLF Masterclass Oliver Edwards dubbing in colours 14 - Gammarus watery olive and 15 - Gmmarus breeding orange. However I was not able to find it anywhere. :wallbash: Does someone knows where to buy it or if perhaps someone would have a spare packet at home and would sell it? :yahoo: I am not looking for the whole dispenser cube, only for those two specific dubbings... Best regards and tight lines to you all! Gregor
  5. What kind and # of flyfishing equipment (rods&reels) does he use?
  6. Merry christmas and a lot of happiness!!!
  7. Nymphin’ Norman for SURE!
  8. You can also make a hole in the deer hair and fill it with epoxy and then stick the eyes on. You can see how here: http://www.josko.org/vezava/muhe/Whitlockovkapelj.htm
  9. Those people are worse than talibans if you ask me! They should lock them in some psihiatric hospitals and make a good electric therapy for them. I can not imagine, that a man who has everything on its place in his head would do something like PETA people done with this strip. To mix little children in all this... SICK! I would like to know, if those people eat meat, if they use detergents, deodorants etc. It is all killing animals and is very harmful for enviroment. But somepople just can not see anything than their nose.
  10. This article is nice, but what would the author said, if he would came to one of our rivers full of fish and could not cought a single one with beadhead nymphs? Beadheads are great when the water is murky, but in clear water is there better to have nymphs without beads or with black beads. That is what I have noticed throughout the years...
  11. If you put a gold/silver/copper bead on the fly, only the bead makes it effective!!! My friend was making some experiments last week. He was fishing bare hook nr 14 with gold bead on it. Nothing else. And he caught the same number of fishes as I did with different bead head nymphs. I am interested in your comment.
  12. PLEASE do not panic about the bird flu. Till now there is ca. 70 people dead because of it in 2 years in whole Asia. And think a little how many people lives there. Now, there is the same number of deaths in one month because of the casual flu in Europe.
  13. Until when must the flies be send and when will the voting started? It ussually tahes some time for post to get from our countrie to there, so I rather ask and send sooner than miss the contest. :dunno: I hope I understand this correctly - I can enter the contest with one fly per category? So I can send one dry, one wet, one nymph, one streamer, one emerger and one terestial for Trout for example? And then goes the same with other categories? Sory for troubles, but it is my first time entering this contest.
  14. For the nymphs (pheasant tail and prince) I would use Tiemco 3761 or Partridge Grey shadow Stronghold nymph hooks.
  15. Ok, nice. In my country we have open contest and you have to tie to exact same flies per each entry. For example if you tie a BWO to enter for a dry fly, you have to tie and to send two same BWO's.
  16. Well, she is too small to use a computer, she is only 4 years old, but she LOVES to tie flies with me, sitting on my knees behind the vice. I will ask someone to take a photo of us and post it.
  17. Is it enough to tie and send only one fly per each category or do a participant has to tie two same flies per each entry?
  18. Steeldrifter is that a flytying material shop that you put it on?
  19. I use cheap chinese vise. I just have no money for a new, better one, so I am sticking to this one. It will have to be replaced eventually, since the jaws are not holding small hooks well no more
  20. OLB I have done that already some time ago, but that is not much...
  21. Dble Haul THANK YOU for that answer. I will better not try to fish with circle hooks. Do you know, where I would be able to see some good pike patterns?
  22. Guys is anyone using the circle hooks for pike streamers? I have some, and would like to tie some streamers on it. Anyone tried yet? I am not sure, how would the hook hold and hook up the fish, if it would at all? :dunno: Please advise. Regards, Gregor
  23. Nice work! :bugeyes: However, I am asking myself, what has this to do with fishing or fly tying? From time to time I see a pattern, that is not fishable (well, a lot of them are not, but some of them have at least good hook) , It represents just something. I thing that these things more belong in art and decoration than in fly tying or (fly)fishing... But this duck sure looks like real! Be careful for the hunters.
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