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  1. Happy to hear you had a good time. Yeah, the water has been too high, turbid, and fast to fish for about 10 days. Still raining and forecast to rain all week. It makes fishing a real challenge sometimes. but there is a huge reward. We live with all these beautiful forests, waterfalls, and a bio-diversity that is unique to the entire world. And, since this area has never been glaciated, flooded, or burned into oblivion, botanists agree that seeds and spores from the Smoky Mountains, Southern Appalachians have re-forested the earth four times over. It is a remarkable place. Too bad all the fish have migrated to Colorado. Glad you enjoyed your visit
  2. Thanks for all the help. I do not have any filters to limit content in any way. But I am sure there is enough information here to resolve the issue. I appreciate it.
  3. Why do some members post photos that are restricted without giving a way to access the image?
  4. If you want to carry two rods while walking, you might want to look into a baseball pack with a bat tube on either side.
  5. What goes around comes around. Just a reminder for you haters.
  6. afraid not


    Very nice flies.
  7. Thanks Noah, I was just going to post the link, but you beat me to it. Anyhow, knowing how much dubbing to use made a world of difference in not only how well my flies would float, but in their appearance also.
  8. I have learned that my early flies sunk because I was using too much dubbing. Watching a Kelly Gallop video, he showed how little dubbing is needed to make a noodle. The dubbing should be really (I mean REALLY) sparse, so if you take a clump of dubbing, and drop it, it should float downward, not drop. I will try to find the video and revisit this thread with a link. Also, synthetic dubbing will absorb much less water than natural furs.
  9. Read it again. If you have the knowledge and do not apply it to real life it is a parlor game. Many people have knowledge they never apply to real life. Partly that is because we teach knowledge in such a fragmented, un-connected, and isolated manner.
  10. Knowledge is nothing more than a parlor game if it is not applied to real life.
  11. I think a lot of the "frivolous" naming of flies has a lot more to do with the size of one's ego rather than a real difference in the fly and its effectiveness.
  12. Vicrider said, "Great discussion about metric versus real American measurements." What in the world are "real American measurements"?
  13. Metrify or petrify. Join the rest of the modern world.
  14. I am sure everyone likes the bobbin holder they have adapted to their work flow. But the fact is, the Nor-Bobbin does what no other bobbin can do. Nothing else on the market performs like the Nor-Bobbin. Like it or not, it is in a class by itself. If you don't like it, or feel it is too expensive, I am sure you can justify your feelings. But, you cannot get any other bobbin that rolls up excess thread automatically, except the Nor-Bobbin. Tension adjustment is easy-peasy with your fingers, or using thread wraps around a leg of the bobbin. The ceramic tube will not cut your thread either.
  15. "Brain surgery ... okay, that one is a little tougher. Can't describe it in one line. " I know what you mean, it took me about three months to get the hang of it.
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