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  1. did you get me address?
  2. sorry I have not been on here in last few days. I did not notice last message. I resent my flies on the 22nd of april and I sent them from work by fedex. I just checked the tracking number and it can not find my package. nothing at all. I can not believe 2 packages can not get to you. I give up. just complete the swap without me. I don't want to hold up the swap anymore than I have already.
  3. i will be resending them as soon as the post office reopens from Easter holiday. thanks for understanding
  4. sorry guys my flies went out on Monday but they came back yesterday. something wrong with the address was marked on the package. I will be resending them Monday when the post is open. I went to the local postal desk at our pharmacy and I guess they messed up. this time I will go direct to the post office and pray they do it right. will see if I can get it shipped express. really sorry for this.
  5. got mine finished last night. can I have address please.
  6. I see you mentioned a pdf. where mite I be able to get it from? I love tying poopers for bass and they are so much fun to fish too.
  7. I have been a cnc programmer and machinist for the last 15 years. love it so much I don't call it work. I think I would call it playing. I am in the process of designing my own fly tying vise that will be machined out of solid aluminum and hardened tool steel.
  8. I would love to join this one. I have a nice one I could share.
  9. hi all, started tying 30 years ago now. but started a family and bought a house and you know how that goes. too much to do not enough time. so have not tied in about 10 years. a few weekends ago I took our cub scout pack camping, and we decided to teach them how to tie jig heads for some ice fishing we were planning on doing that weekend with the boys. so I broke out all my equipment and supplies and brought it up for the weekend. my son is 1 of the cubs, and he and all the cubs loved it. they had so much fun learning to tie flies. and they even managed to catch a few fish too. so now I have decided to get back into tying. and get my son involved also. in doing some online research i found this forum. it is a very informative site and I have spent many nights reading past posts.I am buying him his own rotary vise on ebay. I am in the process of making us a couple of fly tying stations. I have lots of supplies to get us started, but I will be making a trip to a local store that has some stuff soon. I also plan on buying some stuff for us online when I find a good local store to buy from. what is a good way of teaching my son how to tie? I am right handed and he is a lefty. so we could maybe face each other and he could do as I do. would that work? what are some good easy patterns that I could start with for him? any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all. Bob squirt
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