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  1. Here is another popper that worked well at Navajo. I was playing with light painting with this photo.
  2. I am a long time visitor but haven't posted much. I am from NM, Albuquerque but visit the San Juan. The hook size was a #12 I believe; I wanted to tie it small to chase bluegills but also took some smallmouths with it. The rainbow in my avatar is a 24" South Platte fish.
  3. Here is a popper in red that I tied up for use up at Navajo Lake. We did pick up some smallmouths and some scrappy bluegills.
  4. Puerto Rico has some good fly fishing. Do a google search on guides that do tarpon and such. I fished a little island off the coast of P.R, called Vieques where I picked up my first bonefish on a DIY trip. Second trip to Vieques, I took a guide out. There is info., on it on the web.
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