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  1. Took a little break from bass bugs
  2. Fish for life, great job on those!
  3. Thanks johnny! The color blending does get quite messy. I usually try to start out with more hair than I need because I know half of it is gonna end up on the floor.
  4. I think this is one of the best stacking and trimming jobs I've done.
  5. Thanks johnny!! You've got it down good to!!
  6. Kind of a wild color combo but it turned out pretty good
  7. Thanks tom. It just takes some practice.
  8. Still stacking deer hair but changed it up and started on some poppers.
  9. Ya hopefully. Just want to reduce the risk of losing it as much as I can. Especially with as much time goes into one.
  10. Thanks mike!! I just wished I would have remembered the weed guard. I got the tail done and the first bunch of deer hair and realized I'd forgot. It's something that I have had a hard time getting into the habit of doing.
  11. I hope to be half as good as pat cohen some day.
  12. Thanks bruce!! I had thought about getting the junior. Might have to get one of those too.
  13. Thanks mike!! I wish I would have got one along time ago.
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