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  1. I know this is an OLD thread. I just stumbled on it when looking up Black Froggie of Death after seeing one in a photo that was posted recently on the New Fly Fisher online emag. There was no description of the flies in the photo but I recognized this one because I've fished with it over the years. I use to fish a lot with Ian James and this was one of his favorite top water bass flies. It was created by Stephen Eszes back in the days of the old Casual Dress Fly Fishing Club. It is long gone. I learned about this fly around 20 years ago. It's a simple tie. Just spun black deer hair and black calf tail for the legs. It's meant to imitate small young frogs and toads. Size was usually a #4-6 stinger hook or other wide gap top water hook. Anyway...thought I'd post this so it wouldn't be lost forever, since Ian's passing. Reference to this fly also appears in Ian's book, Fumbling with a Fly Rod.
  2. Note: This guy is a contributing member on this (and Classic) board! From MSNBC MSNBC news article LONDON — An American man has been charged with stealing hundreds of rare bird skins from a British museum. Detectives investigating the theft of nearly 300 brightly colored stuffed birds from the Natural History Museum in Tring arrested Edwin Rist on Friday. Police said Monday the 22-year-old has been charged with burglary and money laundering offenses. The bird skins disappeared after reports of a break-in at the museum, which is located northwest of London, in June last year. 'Threatened with extinction' Richard Lane, director of science at the museum, said the specimens included male trogons and quetzals from Central and South America, as well as birds of paradise from New Guinea. "The particular birds that have been stolen are actually quite uncommon in nature and because they are uncommon in nature they are actually particularly uncommon in big research collections," Lane told The Daily Telegraph newspaper. "A number of them are threatened with extinction so therefore losing this material, losing these specimens, we lose the opportunity to understand about birds that are threatened with extinction." The American is due to appear in court on November 26, the BBC reported. BBC article Steal 299 rare bird skins — for fly tying???? November 22, 2010 by John McCoy This week’s Gazette-Mail column takes a look at a little-heralded crime that has sent shock waves through the worldwide community of people who tie full-dress Atlantic salmon flies: We sportsmen like to think that the pastimes we adore are as pure as wind-driven snow, but then something like this comes along: A 22-year-old American was arrested earlier this week for the alleged theft of 299 rare bird skins from a British museum. Authorities believe the young man was selling the pelts to people who tie full-dress Atlantic salmon flies. The news hit me like a cold salmon to the face. You see, I too tie full-dress Atlantic salmon flies – fancy Victorian-era patterns tied with brightly colored feathers, tinsels and flosses. (read the rest of the article here: Gazette Mailer article
  3. A friend sent me an e-mail. He was rather upset as he is a big fan of Fran Betters. It seems Fran has fallen on really hard times and is also in very ill health. Many of you know of this man and his contribution to fly fishing, with flies like the AuSable Wulff, The Usual and the Haystack to name a few. So as a favor to my friend and to Fran I thought I would get the word out and see if there are folks out there that might be able to help even if it's just buying some flies. What he's really looking for is a buyer for his business, but any little thing helps. here is the letter Fran posted on his ausablewulff.com site: I AM ASKING FOR HELP It is simply time to be very straight forward. I am in difficulty. Too many things happened at the same time. Number One: I was FORCED to move my business and decided since I HAD to, I would do it the correct way which took everything I had. Number 2: I came down with congestive heart failure which is now in its end stages and Number 3, the economy decided to tank all at the same time. How about that for a bit of luck? I cannot QUIT until I find a buyer for my business of forty seven years. I have to try and survive somehow. So I am asking for some help. If you have been considering buying one of my rods, please do so now. It could possibly be one of the last ones made. I know my days are numbered. Or one of the framed collectibles with a dozen of the flies I created, let me make one for you now. I could definitely use the business. Some of you say I am a legend but I have always considered myself just one of you all. I never sought the limelight nor took advantage of many opportunities I had over my forty seven years of business. Money never really motivated me. Big money at least. Perhaps I made a mistake. The place I find myself in right now seems to indicate that. So what I would like to ask of you all is this. I know my days are very limited and I MUST find a buyer so would everyone please network and if you know of anyone who would be interested in being my successor, please send them my way. I want to meet them before I pass on. The price is very low and the deal is absolutely turnkey. It is listed with a wonderful agent in Lake Placid, Margie Philo who is Adirondack Premiere Properties. Here is a link to see the information. Ausable Sport Shop for Sale Thank you everyone in advance for any help you can give. Fran It's kind of tough to see an old master go out like this and I know times are tough for most of us but, maybe a club or group can get together and purchase some framed flies for a raffle.
  4. North Face still produces quality gear but they have brought in lower end lines as a way of boosting sales and cashing in on the name. You get what you pay for in NF. The higher end stuff will reflect in the price. The low end stuff is just that. There was also a big problem with counterfits a few years ago. I doubt that has ended. Trust me...if you think you got the deal of the decade on eBay or some unknown shop...you most likely ended up with a counterfit...and trust me...they are C R A P.
  5. I'm not about to argue with the likes of A.K. Best....but I'm just thinking laws of physics here.... If I pull up an a down eyed hook...the hook point SHOULD go down, making it more available for hook ups. Just a stupid momentary theory of mine...after two beers. I tie a lot of small flies. I like fishing them....though I have no clue why since I can't see the little &%$#ers. I don't have too much trouble hooking up if I can actually see the take. LOL
  6. The desk is to die for. I wish I knew I was going to fly tying about 15 years ago. I watched the old oak roll top that used to belong to the doctor grandfather, get sold from my inlaws place and I really wanted it then...but NOW....I'd KILL for one. Actually I didn't know they were selling it until after it was gone. Talk about feeling SICK!!
  7. Thanks CM. I had that site bookmarked. I think the last time I looked, he was out of the masks. THanks for reminding me that he is still out there. I have to have the skins sent to my mothers in Michigan, then try to get them back to my joint from there. He has a couple of other skins in stock that I was looking for as well. GOODY!! I use elk at times too but I've found that the EHC that I'm trying to tie is very very tiny and tied very very sparse, especially in the later part of summer . It works very well for me ....so like they say...if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I know...stupid fish.
  8. I use Coastal Deer Hair for mine, too...but if you can get your hands on a deer mask (white tail around here)...it's even better. I just haven't been able to get a hold of one yet.
  9. Sure Mike. He's currently in London Health Sciences Westminster campus but will be transfered over to University Hospital (London) tomorrow for the surgery. He's asked that well wishers send cards to his PO box for the time being because he does not know where he'll be for the next while. He's not taking emails until after July 15 either, so it's best to hold those until then. He's nuking his inbox to save him the grief of trying to wade through it. Here is the link for his contact address. Ian's contact info What's the Arkansas web site? I saw him today and he's looking a lot better than I was expecting. That will change in the next couple of days however. I'll try to keep you all posted. He had to cancel his trip to Arkansas this summer, which he is very bummed about, but he has every intention of keeping his scheduled date with Hooke on a Cure this year...come hell or high water.
  10. I'm just passing this along as I just found out after being on holidays in Michigan. For those who know him, Ian Ian Colin James had a major heart attack over the holiday weekend. I have spoken with him so I can say that he hasn't lost his sharp sense of humour. He's scheduled for triple bypass surgery on Wednesday morning so keep him in your thoughts.
  11. Thats NOT the Morrish Mouse. I can't find the instructions for it but I have a couple. All I will say is that it works!!! I had one get pounded Friday night by a HUGE AuSable (MI) brown. I'm going to try to tie a few up at some point. I tried finding some instructions but none to be found out there. You can get them through Cabelas though.
  12. I do, but I haven't updated it in a while. That might just be my reminder. lol OOPS!! I was wrong...mine is the Windows Live Spaces. Walks with a Fly Rod
  13. I was giving a few freshly skinned bird skins a couple of years ago, by a hunter. Scrape all of the fat and flesh from the skin. Next, I washed them in Woolite (Zero in Canada) and warm water. Let the skin soak for 10 or so minutes. (they look like they are ruined when you take them out....but don't worry) I pegged out the skin feather side up on a board and took out the hair drier. Dry until all the feathers are dry and fluffy again. If the skin is still real soft and wet, turn it and dry the skin with the drier. You won't get it totally dry so I hung the skin for several days before putting it away. The skin will be crispy and paper thin but that won't ruin the feathers. I've still have the skins and they are still beautiful....minus the feathers I've used from them. I did not add salt or borax.
  14. I got tired of my kids complaining about hooks in there socks so I put a Quarter size earth magnet on my pedestal. I no longer have trouble loosing hooks, scissors, bobbins or allen wrenches. lol!
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