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  1. Maybe a natural/white double bunny, size 10.
  2. Thanks. I havent been up there since 2014 and Im really looking forward to it. Although water levels are reported as low and a little warm, so it sounds like a slower-than-normal start to the season. Im hoping for some rain.
  3. Headed up next month for 6 days, getting ready. Link isnt working for some reason...standby.
  4. Dont forget, sometimes, size matters too.
  5. Engage the customers. If I dont get a friendly welcome I turn right around. My local fly shop is about 2 hours away, and because of the guys that run the place is why I shop there. They arent the cheapest, they arent even the closest, but from the minute you walk in, they are helpful and engaging. I buy my feathers from a guy 16 hours away, and I see him 1-2x a year. Hes just a nice guy with a reasonable product. Its that easy.
  6. Tie a trude for an even more pronounced hair wing. Or go foam for your wing post, white orange, green, yellow. Fish isnt going to care what that post is, its for you, not them.
  7. ihang10

    80 foot wave

    The backside of a wave is pretty calm and mellow and usually much smaller than the height of the face.
  8. So, aside from the obvious length, what characteristics differ from this rod and your garden variety 5wt? Youve mentioned on a few occasions youre really liking it. Ive been doing some one-handed Spey casting lately with my 5wt and this rod build certainly has my interest.
  9. Two boats and I dont have a picture of either.
  10. Typically a whip finish, Ill half hitch if I want to pin back the material near the hook eye or get surgical about things. Ill only use head cement on flies like Clouser, thunder creek, etc, anything with deer hair to make the fly more durable, but I never cement my knots. Ive never seen the reason. The fly is going to get stuck to a rock or in a tree long before the knot comes apart.
  11. Hey der eh? I consider Paradise home, but dont get back more than 2x a year.
  12. So, the theory I'd apply to small flies like tricos is to tie a cluster of tricos on a larger hook, in a similar manner to the theory behind a Griffith's gnat: it's a cluster of bugs vs one bug. That being said, dry flies aren't my favorite presentation. I dunno, I just fished the North Platte in Wyoming this week, the trico hatch was incredibly frustrating for me. Guide used the smallest fly he had behind a size 16 Adams. In any case I can't say we were overly successful. I know people who fished 18& 16 purple hazes and 16-14 prince nymphs during this epic hatch with better success.
  13. Often times I'll tie on a nymph or wet fly that drowns my dry and I have to go to a bobber ((yes, you're fishing with a bobber)). Usually have the biggest challenge with tungsten beads. If I am fishing uneven bottoms I'll uses a bobber to adjust the depth and bounce the nymph along the bottom easier. Usually tie on the the bend with a Davy knot.
  14. Very interested. Thanks for the offer.
  15. I'm just the opposite. I use skirts for silly legs and whatnot. You get more legs per $ from skirts than buying packaged materials.
  16. You can follow our chapter on Facebook
  17. Where are you? I am a volunteer w/ Quantico PHW. PM me.
  18. Id look at conditions and base my fly choice on that. It's been high and dirty all weekend, large, dark streamers have ruled the day, catching everything between 6-22" rainbows.
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