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  1. Michaels. That box is actually part of a entire storage kit, I think there's 8-10 of those boxes to a case, but you can buy individual boxes too. I cut the foam with my wife's pinking shears. Don't tell her.
  2. I just tied up some dirty T&As. :whistles:
  3. Be mindful of tying materials that will foul the hook. For a 5wt I think small zonkers or some bugger patterns are probably spot on. #10 3xl hooks will get you an admirable fly on that rod.
  4. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=84827&page=2&do=findComment&comment=686625
  5. Lol. I flung that bearing across the room last week, took about 2 hours to find them all over the floor.
  6. I've had three drain elbows that weren't glued and leaked. Three separated drains. Let that sink in for a moment. My house wasn't wrapped when it was built 20 years ago. Had a flashing leak get behind the siding, that was a bathroom exterior wall and a complete replace/remodel. I just did it all, never thought about insurance until way far into the demo. I also have a 70 year old log cabin, I've had every kind of structural or utility issue known to mankind. Replacing a 35-40 year-old sand point in October was my newest experience.
  7. 6 and under I find the cheapest reel I can find, usually a cabelas. They just had the prestige plus reel in sale for $21 right before Christmas. I do have a Access III that was a gift, recently found a new spare spool for $50. Normally I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a reel. That said, for anything over 6wt I have the Lamson 3-packs, sometimes you can find them on sale for $130ish. I am intrigued by the reel Steve posted.
  8. Deceivers Half n half Murdich Minnows I tied up these, no idea on the name. Bucktail, schlappen, some flash and marabou. Bead chain or weight it...or don't.
  9. Where can you purchase consistent flanks? The three packs I have are nearly worthless. I am getting ready to substitute guinea fowl for the wing.
  10. Everything that I have seen, read, and watched, has said to keep the "dull" side of the hackle facing you when tying and towards the eye when you palmer it. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but it always seems to twist on me. The first picture it looks like you were trapping fibers with your wraps, almost like you were overlapping the wraps, it's not as full as the second fly appears to be. Any way, wrapping hackle just takes practice and understanding. My first fly was an Adams, that was a poor choice on my behalf, what a disaster that was. I still have it somewhere. You're off to a better start. Your flies are very fishable, and any new pattern takes time to learn. As mentioned, starting on a larger hook might be easier to learn. Look up the "wooly worm", it's essentially a huge gnat pattern with a yarn tail. Same fly your tying now, bigger hook + practice + fishable fly = score!
  11. Looks like your hackle got twisted, and not in the palmering respect. It looks like the stem was twisted. Not a huge deal, but just something to work on. Those flies will catch fish.
  12. That's a Beaut Clark. Buddy of mine had good success with one earlier in December. I'm tying some up and the hardest thing is finding good mallard flanks
  13. ihang10

    No BBQ Today

    Why can't you BBQ?
  14. I thought a shank was fine. I'm fine with a shank seeing how I usually just get the shaft. arr-arr-arr
  15. Check out green top in atlee, just north of Richmond and and a few miles south of the Bass Pro. Those two places are the best (marginal) for materials. The guys at the Bass pro fly shop are pretty helpful and locally knowledgeable. The bass pro in Ashland is probably the best big box store fly shop I've ever seen. The first full-service fly shop from Richmond is the South River Fly shop in Waynesboro, probably an hour from Richmond, I don't know for sure, never drive there from Richmond.
  16. I never thought about the sequence but I lopped of the hook from the front shank before I tied them. Invariably I will catch myself on any hook point available. I was working on T&As this week and gave blood at the same time.
  17. Hmm, years ago I bought a 1/2 dozen and just copied them, they all just had the front hook snipped off.
  18. Somewhere near my daughter she has a stamp store and found this.
  19. First question to ask is, what are you going to use it for, and what do you think you'd use it for down the line? My first shotgun, I wanted a turkey gun, looked at the 870 and Nova. Ended up with a 11-87 SPS-T, a Hastings slug barrel, and a waterfowl barrel. It was far cheaper than buying three guns down the road and it's pretty good at what it does.
  20. What's the body (yellow/gold) material you used?
  21. ihang10

    The Mop Fly!

    pictures? Most pics were taken with the guy's phone I was guiding. It was a PHW event. 40+ vets. The only one I have my phone is this one on a black crystal bugger. This post is not exactly a ringing advertisement for the mop fly, but honestly, it's probably not a fly I am going to fish if I were on the water. I had to ask other guides for a couple for him to use and I think they all ended up in trees. We probably landed 2 on the mop. Went to clown eggs. Then hopper droppers which worked well, although I can't remember what the dropper was. Around the campfire, the mop was reported as widely successful.
  22. ihang10

    The Mop Fly!

    It was unbeatable in WV the other week. Blue and chartreuse were the two colors that seemed to work best. The goal was get trout on the line and it worked.
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