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    X2. Tom Rosenbauer does a very good job.
  2. Circus peanuts are sent. Four of y'all are getting black ones: I ran out of olive and I'm in a new material moratorium, so black it was.
  3. What color? I'll make sure I don't tie the same ones, but I think I was going olive...
  4. Olive crystal Bugger. Olive/White double bunny Foxy Clouser
  5. I've seen the kreelex work very well on stillwater rainbows with a sink tip.
  6. Very true, it's not a "bright white". There are probably better lights.
  7. I have two lights from ikea, one on a stand, one that clips. My wife used them for sewing and she doesn't use them any longer. They won't flood an area by themselves, but the two together are more than adequate. It's not the same light as pictures in the OP, but it looks very similar.
  8. Zug bugs with the herl, not sure what you have for miscellaneous materials to complete it. Just a bead head, tie in the herl for a tail, and wrap the herl forward and tie it off behind the bead, if nothing else. Green weenie.
  9. Small stone flies and midge variations. Black or red. Egg patterns. Beaded pheasant tails and hares ears.
  10. Not my favorite place to fly fish. There isn't a shop within a 100 miles of Virginia beach. There's a Bass Pro outside of Hampton and "Green Top" at I95, exit 86(ish). There isn't a "fly shop" anywhere until the shenandoahs and that's 2.5 hrs away. At least none that I am aware of. I stopped at a "fishing" store in VA Beach and asked about fly fishing there and the guy just kind of chuckled. There's a breakwater to a harbor at the south end of the beach. although I'm not sure if you can fish it. In particular there's a couple of city parks that are productive. Bass and panfish are plentiful. Stripers might be around, maybe some Spanish mackerel. I haven't had much luck there and I don't know anyone who has. If you have limited time, and really want to fish and not goof around, get on Dockside's head boat and take a 4-hour charter. They are down by Little Creek, I've always had fun on their boats. There are other charters, but I prefer them. http://www.fishingvabeach.com/fishing/ If you have more time available, the James and York river are littered with small mouth. You'd need a guide though and I don't have one to recommend. I end up down there for work about once a year and I quit taking my rod with me. You could google earth for some ponds and whatnot, plenty of retention ponds and business parks. It's hotter than hell though and the bite isn't great until later in the evening when you'll be consumed by skeeters and snakes and end up fighting with turtles.
  11. I have a cape with split nails and use fray check (tear mender) with decent results. Put it on with a brush or I'll put the fray check on my thumb and pull the nail through my thumb and index finger. Sometimes that "narrows" or compresses the nail too much though. YMMV.
  12. I've been off line for a few days. Thanks psycho prince for the flies, got quite a few eyebrows raised around the tree when the name tag was read. Thanks for the extras Santa Vic. Great job, looking forward to next year.
  13. Great article. That'll change the way I tie them.
  14. My wife refuses to call it that, so according to her I steal and refuse to return her "fray check". I honesty have no idea what the commercial name is.
  15. I have these spooled with various 8wt Lines and love it.
  16. ihang10

    streaming tv?

    I don't know any additional details, but T-Mobile is offering some sort of a streaming TV-Audio deal in their most recent promos. A lot of the wireless providers are scrambling to get away from unlimited data, most are already done with it. T-Mobile coverage in the boondocks (my boondocks at least) is sketchy, go to their website and look at their coverage maps. I'm gonna guess the unlimited TV deal is not applicable to any leased line agreements they may have with other providers.
  17. I fish close to where you are, needed a smallmouth/shad rod and I contacted steeldrifter and he made me exactly what I needed (7wt) and well below your price point. My 8wt was just a little too much for Rappahannock smallies. I had three 8's already and the 7 was just right. Just an option...
  18. Call the "Fly South" shop in Nashville. Nice guys there, pretty helpful.
  19. I'm 5'11" and my medium Patagonias are way too small. My son (5'10") isn't crazy about them either. They are warm but I think they are too restrictive. My favorite silk weights actually came from uniqlo. Light and warm beyond belief. Favorite polar weight thermals are XGO. Hands down, way better then my mil-std polypropylene. Hunting or fishing on a cold day, it's my XGOs.
  20. My dog will fight for the scraps, especially feathers. If I don't empty the garbage can he'll go rummaging through it, and I am surprised he hasn't snagged a fly off the bench yet. On the other hand, the cat could care less and would just assume everyone left the house until it's feeding time.
  21. Arrived on Monday. It'll be a personal struggle to wait until Xmas but I will endure. Thanks Vicrider, always appreciate your efforts.
  22. Indeed, I'd suspect the salt would beat the paper clips up.
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