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  1. This has happened to me a few times this summer Bryon. I've had a couple incidents combining the same elements of your story. First - A kid that lives near by has been trying to tag along when he spots me as I leave to go fishing and I have had to ask him nicely to take off after he didn't get the hinting that Id like to fish by my self. The mistake I made in this case was (like you did, kinda) that I let him take a few casts and showed him flies and tried to be a good ambassador for our most awesome sport. Another Day - I was fishing about a half hour away and was catching some really nice fish and while I was releasing a brown trout I caught these kids came up on the hole and one of them stood right next to me and dropped a worm and a bobber right into the feeding lane I was fishing. I wasn't too mad because I had already had a good morning of fishing so I remained silent and released my fish and then helped one of the kids get a treble hook out of a rainbow's mouth. Once I got the hook out the mother or baby sitter or what ever that was there and noticed that the kids were kinda rude in crowding me and said something to them about letting me have my spot back. One of the kids said "Well he doesn't care. Right?" I had a nice conversation about fishing etiquette and fish handling with them and then one of the kids asked about fly fishing and I showed him my gear. About a week ago- I was near the place I was in the above incident and was fishing and sharing the space nicely with a different group of kids who were very polite and seemed like some well educated little anglers. We were all catching fish and one of the kids who seemed like he might have been a little "special" was like a little fishing guide. He had a nice long handled net with a really nice rubber basket and was netting every ones fish and pulling hooks (including mine) with quite a bit of skill and changing his friends lures and baiting their hooks. The part of this that reminds me of your story is when I caught a couple of the 2 year 17" rainbows that get stocked into this river the kids wanted them and since they were catching the smaller fish that were recently stocked and we all knew would be terrible tasting I gave them to them. Normally I would have released these fish and would have thought it rude for them to ask but these fish would have been harvested by some one before too long so no big deal and they had a filet knife, foil and butter to cook them on the little charcoal grill in the park. I actually thought it was better of me to give them to them than release them after they asked.
  2. You can get "leaders" that you can attach to your floating line to in essence make them a sink tip line. I have no experience with them but I am betting they aren't great for casting distances. It would seem to me that the loop to loop connection would hinder casting efficiency and create a hinge.With that said I bet you could hook one on add a short section of mono leader and a streamer, huck it out there a little ways let it sink down to desired depth using the count down method and make a slow retrieve or troll behind a canoe or what ever. This certianly isnt the most effective or efficent method of fishing lakes on the fly but it seems like an option that could work for you and at about $12 a piece a sinking leader isnt a bad piece of kit to add to your collection if you dont want to spring for a spare reel or spool and a sink tip or full siink line. http://www.rioproducts.com/fishing-leaders/versileader/trout-versileader/
  3. Crackaig, I like to tie the thick end of the hackle stem in at the head, run the dubbing back to the bend, wrap the hackle back and then secure the hackle with the tying thread. I don't particularly like the extra bulk of the wire under the body and I find the thread does the job just fine. I also feel like if there is any taper to the hackle wrapping it in forward from the bend causes it to fall over on its side unless you tie in the tip of the feather and I don't really like the way that looks.
  4. Welcome to the forum from Vermont. I love Maine! Going to Rapid River in two weeks for a Project Healing Waters Trip.
  5. Nice fish. Love that March Brown hatch!
  6. Upload the movie files to a folder in google drive after the files are up loaded right click on the file select share enter email address for the person you wish to share with select "can view" on the right then click done You can also select "get shareable link" and share the link. It didn't come to mind until just now but there may be issues with distributing copies of these videos. Dont know, just saying.
  7. I find that brook trout are rarely selective enough to key in on sub surface emerging insects vs. a dun, the wild brookies in the head water streams around here will taste just about any thing that comes their way above or below at least once. They often crash into each other going up to take a fly. It is possible that they were focused on insets just below the surface but it is just as likely that they would have taken almost anything with the right presentation. With that said adding a dropper off of a dry fly is a technique I love to use for brookies. I fish for in some beaver ponds in the headwaters of my "home" stream it works great because there is only a very slight flow in the small beaver pond and with a couple of very small careful mends I can have a surface fly and a soft hackle available for a long time on a very long drift. Fishing the dry dropper combo dead drift with a very small twitch now and then is deadly in this kind of situation and just a straight dead drift in faster flowing water. You seem to really like the purple haze for the brookies but I highly suggest small black parachutes and small black x-caddis early on in the year and small yellow and brown simulators (tied size 16-18 on 3xl) hang a small phesant tail hares ear soft hackle off and you cant help but catch fish.
  8. flytire, you could save them to google drive and you could share the files with breambuster. I think you would both need a google email account though.
  9. No problem that's what this forum is for, sharing info. I only knew what it was because we have lots of them around here and I've found them in all sorts of states. It is a very cool bug though.
  10. Thanks triple_b. But I am not sure that is a giant stonefly it kinda looks like a hellgrammite.
  11. Bass on the 28th while testing an articulated fly pattern. Caught about 15 of these little fall fish on a #16 Adams in about 150 feet of river two days ago. I saw them splashing around on the surface eating little emergers and after a few minutes I was having so much fun I forgot to fish for trout. This morning I had a great day of nymphing and bugger fishing for trout and caught a bunch out of this hole that the fish were stacked up in.
  12. Tied up some flashback pheasant tails
  13. Tied up some flashback pheasant tails
  14. Thats funny Steve, I'm not saying I'm a crippled old man at 33, I'm still in better than average shape for my age I think. I'm just saying that when I was 25 I could take a 30 mph bike crash or a Iraqi home made antipersonnel mine and carry on like nothing happened and now if I slip and fall on my ass in the stream I feel the bruises and move a little slower for a couple minutes. I am very thankful that my vision is still good, its something I hold very dear I dread the day when it starts to slip. I do use a wading staff, not because I'm certainly going down with out one (although it does helps prevent a spill) but because I do get a little too brave wading sometimes and it makes a good measuring stick for my next step and I also find it helps me move a little more quietly than I can with out it my feeling things out ahead of me.
  15. Congratulations! Welcome to the best club in the world!
  16. HAHAHAHA... I'm still young suckers! Not really actually. I'm starting to creep up on 33 and I feel the effects of getting older some days. I am not as well balanced as I used to be and it hurts when I fall now, go figure. My hands are not as nimble and they hurt when it is cold and it is a lot harder to loose weight. Most years I would have lost the ten pounds I typically put on over the winter and this year its really hanging in there. I actually don't really think that I took off last winters weight last summer either. But i guess that's life.
  17. Also went fishing today for a little while just north of me in The Passumpsic River in St. Johnsbury, VT caught a bunch of recently stocked fish. A few browns and a few rainbows. The videos are the two biggest rainbows. https://youtu.be/pBE688V7wBo https://youtu.be/Eg-wmwGsGsc
  18. Caught a couple rainbows on the 24th one was the fish that I posted some pictures of the other day that was all torn up from a predator. Below is a link to a video I took the second time I caught it. It shows the wounds pretty well. What do you think they are? The pictures are of a different fish (I think). https://youtu.be/9E-qYeS4ztg
  19. dupilcate post deleted
  20. Had a great day of fishing the march brown hatch today. Caught a couple rainbows (one in the photo was quite large maybe 17" not sure exactly) including a 3" parr (which I have never seen in this river before), a couple brook trout, a 11" brown trout (which I accidentally released from my net when I was going for my camera) and a small mouth bass. I think that is a freshwater grand slam. The youtube links are videos of the fish releases. The rainbow release didn't get filmed very well it was ready before I was. The rainbow I filmed had several really bad injuries also. I dont think you can see it in the photo but its large dorsal fin was ripped in half and it was cut up. https://youtu.be/8Md7WRKfmng https://youtu.be/g-C0nQbcjDo https://youtu.be/QpLIkOGfDoY
  21. Saw a few march browns yesterday. Knowing that the march brown hatch around here is usually pretty nuts on the first day I tied up some March Brown flies this morning and then had a great day of fishing on them. See the fish pictures thread for details. Also tied up some hare's ear flymphs this evening.
  22. The articulated streamers have insane action in any water. The green, white and pink fly is my take on a Gallop's T&A and it looks awesome in the water. The Black one is a rabbit strip fly and got me the rainbow trout is the fish pictures thread.
  23. Also some bass from today and a few other days
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