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  1. Been tying some big streamers.
  2. Caught a nice rainbow yesterday. The video is the release. https://youtu.be/3UUQ4brh8Ig
  3. First fish is a little Small Mouth from two evenings ago, I went fishing with the goal of catching one fish. I was gone for 13 minutes including the walk to the river. This afternoon I caught a good size small mouth bass and another good size brook trout like the one from the other day. I thought at first it may have been the same one but this one was a tad larger I think. Don't know for sure. Despite catching a few fish in about two hours of fishing I actually had a kinda unlucky day. I hooked and lost four fish today and two of them were quite good size two were small Bass. One was a rainbow that I doubt was less than 18 inches. It made a spectacular leap right after the hook set and ran up then down river real quick when I tried to turn it around before it swam into some really fast current I pulled the hook out.
  4. I knew mike was going to chime in with his bit about using straight mono leaders.
  5. Hendrickson time. To be fair I didnt tie the Quill Body flies with the goose wings they were purchased a few years ago.
  6. Been seeing a few hendricksons here and there here in Vermont. Got my flies all ready for Hendricksons. For the nymphs i tied up a variation of the Hendrickson nymph from Thomas Ames' "Hatch Guide for New England", I made up a blend of rusty colored rabbit dubbing and olive squirrel SLF I really like the looks of them. Ive also got some Light hendricksons I tied for the females, for the males I have some rusty colored dries I tied with turkey biot bodies and some red quills I purchased a few years ago. I also tied up some Rusty spinners with snow shoe hair and some rusty parachutes for spinners that could come in handy soon. Also for New england hatches dont forget about the Pale Evening Duns. I noticed some hatching the afternoon and last night I found a half dozen spinners on my screen door.
  7. Very nice, I agree that the tail is ever so slightly too long.
  8. The size of the fly and desired presentation is what dictates the leader/tippet size you use not the weight of the fly line. A 4x leader/tippet would be good for most nymphing situations (size 14+ weighted nymphs) and larger dry flies as the flies get smaller start to down size your tippet. If you are starting with a knotless tapered leader add a section of tippet as you shorten the leader by breaking off or changing flies. Assuming that your fishing trout and bass my suggestion for a six weight is to have a stiff short (7.5") heavy weight 2x or 3x leader for heavily weighted and large flies, a 9' 4x for most nymphing and dry fly fishing and a 10'-12' 6x for small flies and delicate presentations or spooky fish. Check these links out http://theflyfishingbasics.com/fly-fishing-leader-and-tippet-what-why-how/ http://www.orvis.com/s/orvis-fly-fishing-guide-leaders-knots/5706
  9. Go on to their website they have a warranty form. Fill it out and send them in. They'll replace them. I sent in a set that I dropped they sent me a new set in about a week.
  10. Welcome from northern Vermont. Nice fly!
  11. Big ups, bringing on irie feelings to the fullness.
  12. Brown or Yellow Stimulator size 12 or 14 (respectively). But like every one else I also like royal wulff, green elk hair caddis and parachute adams
  13. I have some tied up with brahma hen and I really like them.
  14. wschmitt3


    That was a great movie but read the book its even better. It has his recipe for sour dough pancakes and biscuits.
  15. I got hit in the back on the shoulder by a very heavily weighted tungsten bead head wooly bugger I was casting with my 7 weight last year when a very strong gust of wind altered its course. It hurt like hell and left a monster bruise. I also got hit in the cheek by a smaller bead head nymph two years ago under similar circumstance but it didn't really hurt too much or leave a mark. I have never been fully hooked though. Pierced yes but not hooked.
  16. Shoebop, its never the same depth on all sides of a big rock is it?
  17. Many many times.... Just yesterday I slipped down the side of a hill while making my way down to the river and then I broke off an ice ledge in the Connecticut River and thankfully it was only over about two inches of water but when I stepped off I lost my footing and almost took a nose dive. One of the last times I went fishing last year I was wading really deep in the Connecticut. The path I took to a large boulder I stood on and fished from was just three inches below the top of my waders. When I stepped off the boulder I stepped off the wrong side and the water was way over my head. I was immediately swept down stream by the current and my waders took on water. Thankfully I was able to regain my footing because I was in real danger of being swept into swift water I never would have been able to swim in with waders and subsequently dragged into a eddy I couldn't possibly have escaped.
  18. I posted earlier that that "I tied up a bunch thinking red thread was the traditional/original recipe but it turns out it was an orange thread". I have now read both in several places. For me though I tied this up as a searching pattern so it doesn't really matter which is "proper" (what ever that means) or historically correct. I think that orange and red have the same degree of attractiveness to fish that's why royal flies and stimulators are two of the most popular attractor flies so I think for my purposes either will fit the bill. Its kinda funny, to illustrate my point do a google search for attractor flies, in the images those are the two flies shown. I might try that chartreuse thread idea I like it.
  19. Thank you. I agree about doing it consistently and visually intentionally, I made a dubbing blend from the guard hair from the top of the foot and some Hareline Hare's Plus Dubbin Natural Hare's Ear color. As I tied them I collected the under fur from between the toes where I collected the wing and tail material. I mixed it in with the dubbing I made up. It looks sweet, very spiky, I cant wait to tie some up using the blend I have now. I think I am going to tie it in a split thread type method very sparse for two reasons. So the thread shows through better and to maximize spikiness to give the illusion of movement. It seems to me this patterns is intended to imitate a caddis fly wiggling through the surface of the water so movement seems like a good thing here. You say that you tied some up using green thread, do you think the green will show through well enough to give the impression of a green colored bug?
  20. Nice Mike, Real cat whisker? How did the cat like having those taken?
  21. I don't know, I dont think they are ulcers or disease spots. It seemed pretty healthy. I was using a 3x leader so I didn't really play it long, it seemed pretty vigorous, it went crazy in the net it could have been from that (doubt it though). I'm betting it's not spawning activity either, I dont think a whole lot of spawning goes on in this river. I have only ever caught 1 fish that was smaller than the stocked size of 9.5 inches, it was only about 5" and it did have parr markings but I doubt there are many like it in the river. If any one has an idea of what that is Id love to hear it.
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