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  1. If anyone is ever in the NE WY area and wants to catch Grayling let me know. Know a few places where you'll get tired of catching them, two at a time.
  2. I'll be in Denver this week with time to fish Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. Thinking of Bear or Clear on Wednesday and Cheeseman or Elevenmile on Thursday. What are the best choices? Thanks!
  3. I use the New Zealand method as posted with an attractor dry fly and nymph/wet dropper. Never thought of two drys or wets on at the same time but is a good idea. I've had rare occasions where a fish was on the dry and the action of bringing it in tempted another fish to hit the dropper.
  4. I use Hogeman Wadelite waders and Frogg Toggs boots, black ones with felt bottoms. I love both. The boots are not as bulky and easier to walk in than others I've had.
  5. Found this site while looking for some info for fly fishing in New Mexico. Looks like a great site and really interested in the swaps. That sounds like a cool idea. I grew up in Wyoming and really didn't start fly fishing until I left for college. Started when my dad gave me a fly rod blank for Christmas my first year of college. From that point I was hooked and began tying flies as well. I am by no means a great tyer, but I catch fish so they get the job done. The tree's and shrubs really find them delicious. At any rate looking forward to all the great info here on the forums.
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