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  1. Heres some from the past week or so. I am still a beginner so be nice
  2. Look really neat! I can't see the mistakes What's the body on the nymph?
  3. Interesting, I'll be sure to remember that when buying furs online. Never really thought about that. Sorry for the late reply don't get on here to offen. I will be heading up to the local Cabelas within a few months to look at rifles. I'll look for those scraps! For the last couple years I have been harvesting rabbits for a few years now and tanning the hides. However I find myself going threw them faster then I can tan them...
  4. I know this Is a really old post, Howevee I would like to see this tool. Also were do you buy the scraps?
  5. Not sure about all the patterns, But I know a few include Copper John, Barrs meat whisle, barrs emerger. That's all the ones I know. I saw a video from Tim Camisa on youtube, and he Highly recomemed the book.
  6. I like the baby bass one!. But feel it needs some eyes. I Like making baitfish imitations with the Double bunny style. although being the moron I am. I order crosscut strips not knowing the differnce...
  7. Correct. I Live more west of those rivers.
  8. That ice fishing picture is just.. I am spechless... Here in New York, well atleast were I live Opening day dosen't mean huge crowds of people. infact most streams willl only have 1-2 people for the whole stream. Lakes although have alot more people. But the creek I fish, no one else fish's there. So I plan on having the stream to myself.
  9. So what are everyones plans for opening day? Living in the North, there is and has been, Roughly 11 inchs of ice on the lakes for about 5 1/2 months Along with streams being frozen solid. So at this point I wouldn't frown upon the idea of weting a line in my bathtub. My plans inculde Heading up to a spot near my house called "East Koy Creek" with My Cousin, Father and Brother-in-law and if were lucky enjoying Lovely Trout Grill that evening with some friends and family. -Red John I know reliese this is in the wrong section. My bad. Also if you intend to comment on my spelling mistakes, keep it to yourself. I wrote this on mobile and it's a major pain in the arse to correct spelling.
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