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  1. Wings on big streamers like a zoo cougar or boogie man
  2. I was searching the web and came across some hair extension kits with feathers. They were synthetic feathers and were all different colors with grizzly. I was wondering if anyone has tried these before. There was a kit on Walmart for 2$ and it came with 20 long feathers. Any advice or opinions is appreciated Thanks
  3. I find that picky trout will eat something on the bottom. I was once fishing a small waterway with about 40 trout in it. All of them would not take anything. So I put on a small streamer and let it sink to the bottom, then I quickly twitched it and it was kicking up mud. The trout were all over it. If the trout in your situation don't take anything, try throwing a streamer to the bottom and kick up the dirt\mud\sand with it. They will probably be very interested
  4. I have a bunch of hooks with turned up eyes I got from a set. They are the perfect size to tie the patterns I want(wooly buggers, autumn splendors) will the turned up eye affect how the flies perform? I don't have a lot of regular down eye hooks and are wondering if the up turned eye hooks will do the job. Also, why are the eyes turned up? Any advice is appreciated Thanks
  5. The crayfish are always piled up in one spot in the river, it is a series of pools. Usually I see about 10 dead ones on a regular day but I saw about 100 on this day, and there almost no algae in these pools
  6. The water temp was about 70 degrees F. The river flows pretty well, there's not a lot of algae.
  7. I was fishing the housatonic river here in connecticut on Saturday and the fishing was EXTREMELY slow. My dad, my friend and I each caught about 5 fish. Usually we catch about 20-50 fish per person. The river wasn't too high, just a bit muddy. After further inspection of some spots on the river, my friend and I found huge amounts of dead crayfish and a few dead fish. We found a dead rock bass and a small dead carp. The smallies just were not biting at all and the ones we did catch we all under 10 inches. Although, I did catch a 12lb carp which fought very well, like a normal carp should. It seemed like the smaller the fish the more affected they were by this phenomenon( I guess you can all it that) no one else pulled in anything, and there were not many bugs out at all. We thought it had to be something in the water or something to do with the summer solstice. We never had a worse day than this on the river before, it puzzled all of us. The river was at near perfect flow, we had sun and high pressure, and just a little mud. Any ideas on what went wrong or why this happened? Any help or insight is greatly appreciated
  8. It's hard to find a good pack under 100$- but REI or ll bean might be a good bet. Camelbak and osprey make awesome packs, but are well over 100$.
  9. Orvis gel floatant is the best for me. It always makes my dries float, no matter what.
  10. Autumn splendors, olive clousers, olive wooly buggers, and matukas are good ones
  11. Thanks for the help everyone! I do appreciate it greatly but I did get my family friend to help me. He is going to weld it back together. I'm glad I can get it fixed and I want to say thumbs up for all the people that offered me help
  12. My vise broke, the stem snapped in half. It was a vise that came with a fly tying estate(I guess you can call it that) and it is very old. I couldn't identify the vise all it says is made in India on the pedestal base. I went to put a hook in and the stem snapped right in half. I looked where it snapped and saw very old super glue residue, obviously it's happened before. I doubt I could get it to stay again, gluing it would just be a mess. Now I'm almost broke, 16 years old and trying to get a job. I know it's a huge favor but does anyone have an extra vise laying around? I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out. If you do have an extra vise and want to get something in return, I do have extra orvis reels I can trade. Please anything would help. Thank you -Tristan
  13. I fish the housatonic river here in CT which is VERY rocky. The paint on my lead eyes always comes off. Is there any way to stop this from happening?
  14. I'm 16 and have been fly fishing since I was 8. I saw my dad catching way more fish than me so I turned to a fly rod. My first fish on the fly was a 15 inch brown trout caught on a blue wing olive. Ever since then I loved fly fishing. It's also different than all the mainstream sports.
  15. I use a 5wt and always get a lot on flashback hares ears and ants
  16. Hey everyone. I have no idea what cdc feathers and EP fibers are. Can someone please explain? Thanks
  17. I have a huge bag of turkey feathers and I don't know how much their worth. Also how the heck can I add pictures to my posts from my iphone? If I can I will post a pic of the turkey. Any help is appreciated
  18. I used to know a tier that came up with a firefly pattern. Cabelas came to him and asked for 10000 flies. They would buy them from him but obviously he declined. One man can't tie 10000 flies. I'm not sure if this is the only way it works, I'm sure there is a royalty deal or something
  19. What are your thoughts on sculpin helmets? I personally love them. Also, what are some good patterns that use the sculpin helmet? I've made like 7 sculpin bunnies and it's getting old lol. I wanna hear what you guys think
  20. Olive and white is defiantly the best here in New England for trout and bass.
  21. I got a lifetime supply of tying supplies for 125$ at a gun store. Try and place that sells guns, hunting gear, Etc.
  22. I made a very recent topic about the huge lot of supplies for 150$. I did buy it for only 125 and got an ungodly amount of supplies. I'm a total beginner and I got these necks and capes( I think that's what they are) that might be worth a lot I money. I do not tie a lot of dry flies so I do not think I'll need them. Any insight will help on price, color, quality etc. I'm looking to make my money back by selling the things I don't need. I'll try posting links or pictures- it is a little hard for me to post pics because I only have an iphone.
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