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  1. HI COMike, I am a fairly new tyer and i have been using the Peak rotary vise for about 4 months, I like it a lot and it seems to suit me just fine. You will not be disappointed.
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. Yes i am from NH and we still have 25+ inches of ice in some spots, needless to say i won't be taking the kayak out for salmon on Winni for a couple weeks, but i do have to say i love ice fishing, but am ready for the spring. I have been fly fishing for only 2 seasons but am completely addicited, it is my primary method of fishing besides surfcasting with a wetsuit. Here in NH I am lucky to be able to fish for native brookies 8-10 miles into the White Mountains and then drive back home to the seacoast and fish for stripers from the beach....(what a state). That being said i do fly fish both salt and fresh. A 30 inch striper on a 7 weight is something to experience if you haven't. I have been tying for about a year i would say, but didn't REALLY get into it until like 6 months ago. Looking forward to learning a lot on this site, just from the couple times I visited before joining i learned a few things.
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