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  1. Hey i was wondering if you got my flies i sent them out on the first an said they would arive to you on the 4th but I've not heard if you received them yet.
  2. Ok so today I was dry fly fishing for trout. I don't fish for trout much they just don't put up enough of a fight for me but that's besides the point. Anyways every time I tried to mend the line I would pull my fly under the water. I tried a few different ways of casting an putting slack in the line an that did not help a hole lot. I did catch one brown so i was happy i guess. Think i could of done way better if i could keep it afloat. So how do you guys mend your line without pulling yout fly under. An I was also dressing my fly.
  3. I wish I had everything on me when I'm fishing. But I'm in such a rush to get on the water I always for get something everyday I'll for get something.
  4. Yes it is felt I'm using I have 3 colors I like the brown the best I was thinking about using maker on that one so it's not so orange. It only caught a few fish they did not like the orange. But when I put down a brown one I could not keep it down.
  5. Yes it is felt I'm using I have 3 colors I like the brown the best I was thinking about using maker on that one so it's not so orange. It only caught a few fish they did not like the orange. But when I put down a brown one I could not keep it down.
  6. I tied a few hook up hook down weight at the eye this one I actually tied for perch on a perch rig so was not fly fishing an I got some nice perch on ot this evening.
  7. So this is a patern I came up with I'm sure there is many like it but what do you guys think about it like or not like it?
  8. Alright thanks. I was kinda disappointed I missed out on the last one. I've been using lots of clouser minnows an having good luck on them fun to tie also. Thanks for putting on another.
  9. I'll take part in this one. Do I have to tell you what I'm tying or just any old clouser will work as long as they are all the same.
  10. I could only upload a photo threw snapchat an that was the only fishing phone I had saved with snapchat. I was just seeing if it would work. So now all I have to do is take pictures of my Flys or what ever I want to put a picture of on here with snapchat an I can post. I downloaded photobucket an it's won't work but I see I can use snapchat. Sorry for the pictures of my pin. Lol I chase crome with bait no Flys sorry
  11. Ok I'm just trying to post a picture so if a picture of my center pin shows up I found it out. Lol
  12. I don't know how you guys can sit at the bench for that long after about a hour of tying my back Is killing me I may need a better chair. Lol
  13. Your wire is .00038 thick?? Now that's some small stuff. I'm machinest so I deal with them number everyday but I think the smallest iv ever seen Is we have half thousands shims (.0005) an they are like nothing.
  14. I went to the craft store a few hours ago an got 28 gauge steel wire an some wax at the fly shop (that really helps also) an it turned out just like I was hoping for. Thanks for your help.
  15. Ok I think it's called a dubbing brush but anyways today I used craft fur an just normal fly tying wire. Well it worked for the most part just the wire is kinda weak can't twist it as tight as I would like cause it breaks. So I was wondering what kind of wire do you guys use. I'm guess copper wire is not what you want. Steel wire is what I think would be ideal but I was just checking. An also for you guys who have played around with this before what gauge wire works best for you? Iv watched YouTube videos on making them I don't really have the right set up yet wanted to see how I liked it an how well I could do it so any pictures of your set up on laying the wire out an putting your material on then twisting it all up that would be great help. Thanks
  16. An that is a beaver for sure I'm more into trapping than fly fishing I'm getting there. Anyways the reason why there is no beaver sign around is cuz that beaver is prolly a 3 year old male beaver an the mom kicks them out around that time an they have to go look for a new place to live an build a beaver hut an find a female. So I'm sure the beaver will live he just got kicked out of mom's house.
  17. If you can't catch a 20 pound fish on any rod without breaking it your doing something wrong. Iv been trout fishing an hook 10-15 pound steelhead in the spring with my ultra light and it holds up fine I fish salmon a lot an iv used a ice fishing pole once just to see what would happen 12 pound line spawn fishing with a ice rod and I got the fish in 22 pound king you just have to play with them point your rod tip at them more so they don't break it don't pull way back
  18. So I was looking this fly up and I see the spine for this fly is $10 each just under but shipping and all that it's over 10 but I was wondering if anyone has tried bending a cottor pin to make it work I think it would work I will try in the morning. I think it would be better if you could find small ones an I can just I don't think that the pin is round the wire is flat on one side might not work in the bending it part. I'm wondering if anyone has tried and I'll let you know how mine turns out.
  19. I did this and twisted everything like it said an all my dubbing just bunched up in big knot when I let go in the end and came untwisted I'm not sure what I did wrong I pulled all the dubbing out and put it back an said heck with that
  20. Now how long do you make that? Lol
  21. I use just 15-20lb power pro braid like a just a foot in front of the fly an the rest is mono to my fly line don't seem to ever have a problem. My fly is junk be for my leader
  22. Can someone who may have this home made stuff post a picture of what it is going to look like when it's all done maybe. Thanks
  23. Ill jump in on this one also. Ill let you know what I will tie up when I find that out. Thanks for putting it on.
  24. I have used gink. And I just like making my own things i don't really know why but I make things everyday. I have lots of Colman fuel laying around the house cuz I run coons and bears with dog and trap and ice fish for smelt so that means I have lots of lanterns. So yes I was wondering if I could take a few ounces of Colman and mix it with the wax you are all talking about and I wanna see how it works. And yes I see you can use Colman fuel to make this. So thank you for answering and ill let you know how she goes.
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