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  1. They grow up... Leave the nest... 😊
  2. That is a great idea. Super useful, it seems. Sell them in packs. I doubt people are going to want just one.
  3. Amazing how much stuff is out there, a lot of it free. One note about sharing these locations and taking/uploading pictures... if it matters to you... consider that you may be giving away your honey holes.
  4. What is most fascinating to me is to think how spoiled we are in that people have been tying flies for centuries without any real precision tools, and here we are, owning four or five modern hackle pliers each, which apparently do not make anyone 100% happy. We are one funny bunch...😁
  5. I promise... No dromedary hair in the dromedary camel fly...😊
  6. My new shop Contrary to popular belief, brain does grow back after surgical removal.
  7. I normally keep up with posts using the “unread content” feature, which shows me the latest post, or part of it, for any given discussion right under the name of the thread. When threads get derailed, that can make for interesting matchups. He is an example: First tying night, what to do? 12 Guns stolen in 1970 Has anyone else noticed any of these interesting topics/replies pairs?
  8. Thanks for the pics. It makes sense that these work better than any of mine. Much more surface area to hold on to more hackle, and that is before we get into the non-slip surface. I wonder if they close the jaws and run them on some emery paper to get matched gripping inside surfaces.
  9. Is there some kind of coating or texture in the jaws? I am asking because I would not mind to try some modifications on the pliers I have before I go out and spend on new ones.
  10. What do you guys think it is difference that makes the C&F pliers work so well?
  11. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that other thread about Kelly Galloup’s hair stacker...🤣
  12. I hope you meant white MOTH, because if you were able to distinguish the white mouth of 1/4 inch insect, I am the one that needs your help. 😊
  13. To me it would would be weird, knowing that it is human hair. But plenty of people use kanekalon and other fake human hair for streamers, so... why not? as far as commercializing it, I wonder if it is consistent enough across all heads or if you can get enough from one head. One of those weird hypotheticals to ponder.
  14. Gotta be honest... I have been trying NOT to like this system for a long time, but I have been accumulating a number of hooks that come in small baggies, and you can put a lot of them in a very small space... 18 so far.
  15. To me, one of the best movie creatures ever.
  16. I only have the traditional jaws from ions ago. Not stainless. I think at the time there was only regular and midge, but I might be wrong. My higher tying range is 3/0 salt and 5/0 fresh. Never a problem if the hook is set in the groove. Lower range (only on occasion) for me is 16. No way to set them in the groove, I still bend them regularly, but they do not come out. Unless designs have been changed or re-labeled, big game might be too big when you go down to 12. The regular jaws might be the best compromise.
  17. Should have mentioned... The flank is from Hareline. Bag full of crooked feathers, but good enough to wrap on a hook. The pheasant is from the upper (or back) part of a rump patch, the feathers with the longer fibers.
  18. I generally do not follow recipes, so no name that I know of. I read and mostly watch content by many tiers and that informs my own tying. Glad people think it resembles one of Gartside’s creations closely enough. Simply thought it was an easy to tie, good looking minnow in bass colors. These two are #4 and #6, planning to put them out there for bass and panfish.
  19. As simple as it gets: one flank and one pheasant rump feather. The ones for the right fly were shorter, so I got a bit into the fluff.
  20. Then it is too hot. There are differences from north Florida to south Florida, and, while I am happy for you guys with mild temps, right now it is uncomfortably hot for this time of the year where I am. And we are 40 days from Easter. Chasing Tails, thank God you had a boga grip. Can’t imagine dipping fingertips in that water... 😊
  21. Here is my latest with FedEx. Supposed to get a package at work yesterday by 4:30pm. It currently shows in Memphis, Tennessee. We will give them a break because of weather this time...
  22. I could stand to lose about 100 lbs myself... How are you doing it?
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