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  1. This can be found on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4141189
  2. Not sure if this counts, but I made a fish hook/bead bowl in tinkercad and then printed it out. Underneath, there is a magnet to help keep the hooks in place. So far it works great, im thinking about smoothing the surfaces out more and make it stackable. Once I get it where I'm really happy with it, ill post it on thingiverse for others to download and print. Charles
  3. Funny thing, Im working on learning to use Fusion 360 to do this eventually but mostly to work on this fly tying bobbin: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3508612 I've printed this one and it sorta works but with a few mods, i think it will work great. I have several of the gudebrod bobbins and looking at them closely they seem to have a lot of curved surfaces so it may that the first attempt at modeling this may be more squarish I like this idea a lot though, Im trying to find ways to make the cost of this hobby cheaper for people who really cant afford it but want to try it.
  4. Been around for a number of years but just havent been engaged enough to post anything of use as I was really starting out. Now fly tying has become an addiction more than anything else. My focus, tying wise has been mostly panfish and bass but I do get in a few trout a couple times a year. Ill try to stop lurking and start helping out where I can
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