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  1. Ah okay very cool. Been meaning to try some of that looks great!
  2. Nice I need to get some bottle tubes for tired of tying on hmh plain plastic tubing
  3. Very nice evenly distributed flies. Love the last one
  4. Thank you sir I do as well!
  5. streamer from last night
  6. Awesome good info thanks. Been meaning to try my hand at dyeing that's a good place to start.
  7. Very nice hadn't seen those used yet what company did you get them from was gonna order some from Canadian tube fly
  8. What's the long hackle on those?
  9. Very nice! What size tinsel are you using? I have the large flat and can never get it to lay flat when trying to create that seamless look.
  10. Aye I saw the downward facing throat hackle on a few posts here and some classic tying sites liked the look of it so i have been trying that lately. May be a bit long.
  11. Thank you very much! Another from last night, much better head now to get that consistently lol
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