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  1. Wooly buggers, egg sucking leaches, bunny flies are all easy to tie and very effective. Pink/purple/black and any combo of these for colors with a little added flash. Olive/white and black/olive work good on my home river when water is clear. Anything with wiggle and flash usually works. Green butt skunk, Krystal skunk, comets, zonkers all have a spot in my fly box as well.
  2. You must have broken into my house and took a picture of my bench. Nice ties too!
  3. Here's a nice fluffy one for harassing steelhead. It's a pattern by Nick Pionessa called a Two-Bou.
  4. I have a few Lamsons and I love them. I wouldn't think the sand would be a big problem, If it gets a small stone or some grit in it, I just give it a dunk. Occasionally I have to pop the spool off which it pretty easy with no fear of losing any parts. Solid reels and most are made in the US.
  5. I don't normally take pics but this brute came in at 32" and fought an epic battle so took a quick shot before reviving him. It was such a nice fish, took me into my backing once and even a few tail dances! I learned a new trick of putting the net strap around your foot so it doesn't float away and yup it came off my foot and floated away. I looked at the fish and he wasn't ready so I figured I could always get a new net. This is the last picture I will ever have of that net.
  6. No special trips but here's the list, at least once for each of them. Boots, waders, tippet, net, lucky hoodie, wool socks, gloves, flies and of course my brain though I'm not sure that counts as I rarely take that with me. I still have my rod and reel to forget so I have something to look forward to! Now I have a look in the back of my car just before I leave. Sometimes I forget the double check and that double check is a mile down the road though.
  7. Vic, I completely agree. I love fishing when the water is considered too high or dirty but when it's chocolate milk ehhh, not so much..... I got quite a few grabs on the swap flies swinging on tuesday, nothing that wanted to stay on long enough to say hello face to face though. It was nice to experiment with different patterns rather than the "standard patterns" I would usually fish.
  8. I received the flies yesterday and wow there are beautiful flies in there! Very inspiring! I'm going to put those to good use today in hopes that the rivers aren't blown out.Thank you psychoprince for hosting, this was a great swap.
  9. I'm not very optimistic that a mosquito could tie anything no matter how easy the pattern is!
  10. I've been known to put a bead on a estaz framus pattern. I usually will use them in deeper and/or faster water other than that I usually will go unweighted. A crystal meth pattern seems to sink pretty good for me too when I don't want a bead egg pattern.
  11. This might be a great opportunity to tie some estaz egg flies!
  12. Mine aren't the best! I have a set of Chota Rock Creek and they both are coming apart at the seams in three different places. They're about 1 1/2 years old. There's also a tear in the sole and they won't hold spikes anymore. My first pair of them lasted 2 years, I figured I'd give them another shot because they ARE comfortable, not too pricey and my local shop had them in stock. But I believe this is my last pair of Chota's. This has been my experience, your mileage may vary. The Korkers are intriguing, makes me leary about the soles slipping off but from what i've read it isn't an issue.
  13. I'm sure steelhead would think they're candy too! I guess I better tie a few and find out.
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