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  1. Just wanted to check in, haven't got mine but, that was to be expected. I moved in the middle of the swap and they are hold mail. I should get them next week and I am looking forward to seeing them!!!
  2. Steve, that'll catch carp in Western Colo.
  3. dflanagan, slight delay in shipping! I had some problems with a large group of BWO's and rising trout! Dang near didn't survive the offensive, and I'll be forging this battle again tomorrow as its my last day off this week. Should be able to ship them next Monday. Darn the luck....right?
  4. Ready to ship Monday, address please.
  5. aaaaahhhhhh, that's a silly question! I'm in!
  6. Shipped, you should be seeing them on friday or so. thanks for hosting.
  7. I am ready to ship tomorrow, address pretty please to my inbox.
  8. It's your call, here it is in olive. I like it in natural for sculpins. Let me know if its going to pass muster. Thanks.
  9. Im in, #6 slump buster tied in natural color. In the water it's a killer sculpin looker. Let me know if that will work.
  10. Dubs, I can ship tomorrow, IM address please and thank you.
  11. Since I'll be just coming off a move I'll need to keep it simple, I'm in for a nymph. Bead-head pheasant's tail. Sz 18. In full disclosure this will be my first swap on this board.
  12. Does anyone know if there is a List, website, something or some where I can find what is legal to own or buy? For example, can I buy a Jungle Cock Cape and legally own it in the USA? I know of protections on stuff like polar bear and what not. Guess I'm looking for a little light reading. Thanks.
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