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  1. Power Pro it is, I have a spool of 30# on my tying bench that I use for my articulated streamers. Thanks for the advice Im going to give it a try next time I get out.
  2. I started fly fishing in college when I was 22, a roommate got me into it. Tying was a natural progression, especially when I had shoulder surgery and was sidelined for a summer. For me its 2 things, one the history and the second is the ability to take part in something from start to finish, I am an avid hunter and trapper in addition to fishing, so while my hunting buddies are worried about the straps out of their deer or cut out goose breasts I am more concerned with the bucktail, or biots. My dad fishes but its very rare so while parental or grandparents can help ultimately I think any one that is willing to take the time can get someone into fly-fishing.
  3. What do you use for a leader for toothy fish? I am asking specifically about pike. I recently bought a wire leader from cabelas but now that I have fished with it a few times I am not to happy with it. My complaints are that it has a ton of memory and that the attachment method is rather complicated and time consuming. The wire loops through the eye and threads back into a metal piece which has to be crimped and un-crimped every time you change. Wondering what else there is, thanks.
  4. Also caught the smallest largemouth I have ever seen, I swear the fish was smaller than my thumb, and I caught it on a #12 pheasant tail.
  5. Well I screwed around in the canoe Friday when I got up there, to windy to do much but a fished for maybe an hour and caught a dozen blue gill in the 5 to 7 range, Saturday I spent the afternoon on the North Branch of the Au Sable caught a half dozen Brookies, largest was just shy of 9", after dinner my dad and I took the canoe, a 6 pack, and a couple rods out, boated another 2 dozen bluegill by the time the beer was gone. All in all had a blast, I havent been fishing with my dad since I was maybe 10.
  6. Well Im headed north Friday after work, will get in to late to chase trout on the Au Sable but Im hoping to put the canoe Friday night and throw some trout flies at, will be to busy to tie anything up specifically before then. FlaFly Fisher, I used to tie with an old timer in MN that would tie colorado blades and and spinners to his flies. I think he bought more stuff at the bait shop then he did at the fly shop, might not hurt to look at some lure making websites and see if any have rattles.
  7. I recently was given permission to fish some small ponds that are full of bluegills and sunfish, I have never fished for them with a fly and dont know where to start. I assume my 4 wt trout rod will work, although it might be a bit heavy. What flies should I use? I am thinking of tying a dedicated box for panfish. Thanks in advance.
  8. My 'heavy' rod is a 9' 8wt, its not a bad rod, I have trouble getting it to cast short distances but once I get some line out its casts all good. I am very partial to Fenwick, I learned to fish on a HMG, sadly I broke that rod on a salmon in Alaska a few years back, they replaced it with 2 Eagles at no charge so I cant complain. All in all I consider the Eagle GT a good rod for the money.
  9. Just wanted to introduce myself, I am a young professional in the Metro Detroit area, I learned fly fishing in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan's UP, mostly small stream stuff, during college. Began tying about 4 yrs ago, and split my winters between tying and running a short trap line. I am also an avid hunter. My home waters would likely be the Clinton River and Paint Creek, but I try to head north when ever I can to fish the Au Sable, the Rifle or the Manistee. I primarily target trout and salmon but I am open to pretty much any fish I can catch. A couple of my flies and catches are included. I look forward to learning from everyone here and contributing where I can
  10. I am looking for recipes for a few older Michigan patterns, I was fortunate to sit through a presentation by Jerry Regan this winter but wasn't able to scribble down all the recipes, trying to find them now and get a few into my boxes for this summer. Thanks in advance. -Roxy Streamer -Washington Nymph -Marion Burch;s Mongoose
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