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  1. Alright thanks for all the suggestions guys!
  2. So i was considering buying a Fly Fishing rod since its the only type of fishing i haven't tried yet, i have bait casters, spinning reels, and conventional reels , and wanted to give fly fishing a try, my only problem is that i do most my fishing at a local pond and lake, which is about a 5 min walk from where i live and their are trees their and im thinking it would be hard trying to cast with the trees surrounding, or is their a way around this? just wondering from people who fly fish at lakes.
  3. Arnt sparrows considered pest? the little English sparrows that dig up holes in your garden? ive seen many people hunt them with air rifles
  4. I found a dead sparrow in my backyard, and figured i shouldn't let it go to waste!
  5. Thats actually a good idea! ill probably go check it out once i get the vise and the tools i decide on
  6. The links in the quote dont work they keep sending me to the supreme vise on Bass pro shops, can you resend the links?
  7. Im located in Massachusetts i was surprised when i got such hard hits!
  8. I like the option of rotating, have you ever used the bass pro shops vise? does it lock the hook in solid? cheaply made? Materials is a big headache for me their is so much out their and their so expensive aside from the panfish kit you showed me, is their a list of specific materials for a beginner? thanks for the help!
  9. Hey guys! so im an avid fisherman an love fishing and every part of fishing. Ive always used live baits and rarely use lures ( by lures i only really use soft plastics) i just never believed in lures until i saw the orvis video online and in the vid a guy caught a grasshopper and used it as live bait to show his kids, then he pulled out a grasshopper fly and used it and landed a nice bass, then i was thinking of it and did a little research and discovered the world of fly tying and how people make some really realistic flys that even fooled me into thinking were real. An then i still was unsure and wanted to give it a shot, i when through my sowing box went through my fishing box found some thread and hooks with no vise or tools i made a couple flys and went out and tried them, and to my surprise i got the biggest and hardest hitting bluegills and crappie ive ever had with my flies it even out performed my live bait. and it was pretty fun making the flies as well! Here are some pics of the flies i made as you can see not the prettiest but i guess their pretty good especially since i had no tools and the materials where from around the house. So now im convinced and want to buy a good starter kit, (vise, tools, materials etc.) so does anyone know of any good starter kits out their that i can buy? my price range is about $0-$60 and i can go $10-$20 dollars more if i have too thank you guys! cant wait to start tying some better flys!
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