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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for the tips, I guess it doesn't really matter if the fringes get a bit soggy so long as the body still floats somewhat convincingly, eh? I'll try a few Mays and Damsels with foam before I head out on Saturday.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! The tails on the first two are just regular sewing thread.
  3. Hi there, I'm just starting out in fly fishing, being a poor recent graduate and a tinkerer I started tying with just what I had around, this includes bits of thread, hair from an old brush, blended yarn for dubbing, found feathers, that sort of thing. Here are a few of my recent flies, I'm taking them out this coming weekend to try them out on a medium river here in southern Ontario, and I still need to find a way to make the damsel fly float reliably, I think I may have some scotch guard squirrelled away somewhere, but right now I'm just churning out a bunch every day to mimic what I see people putting up on the web. I'm totally new to this, so any tips appreciated!
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