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  1. Mark. East central Mississippi here so I probably won't qualify as a fishing partner but at least you don't have to feel all alone. I do tie flies or I should say I am getting back into fly tying after 15 years of being away from it. When I used to tie I was living in Colorado with the South Platte river as my home base for fly fishing. Now I am having to learn to tie bass flies and flies for bream. It is a different world and I am also having to re-teach myself some basic techniques after 15 years away. But it is a great hobby so I don't mind the frustration of having to re-learn some of the basics. John. Email address is [email protected]
  2. Beautiful looking desk, rather than shelves along the wall you might think about drawers or drawer pullouts for the shelves. That way there is no dead zone along the back of the shelves especially given how low along the wall they will be. Plastic containers should work fine, I use them for all of my tying materials. Put a couple of mothballs in the main containers and I use cut-up sections of dog flea and tick collars in all of the bags inside of the containers. No bugs, no mice and for here in the south that in itself is almost a miracle. A little overkill but considering the cost of a good hackle now it is worth it.
  3. It's an Ottlite Tattoo for me. It is a little bigger lamp for a desk lamp but it puts out amazing light clarity. This is my second Ottlite, the wife stole my first one for her crafts room. I would definitely steer away from the units with the magnifier. They just seem to get in the way when you try tieing a fly. Mainly has to do with the focal length being so short that the magnifier has to be practically on top of the fly.
  4. I just want to ask Tide water when do you get a chance to fish around your fly tying. That is some beautiful work particularly the deer hair flies.
  5. I started out trying to use a magnifier lamp but found the magnifier interferes with tying. I went to a Donegan Optivisor headband magnifier. They have lens that can be changed which will adjust the focal point. I found these on Amazon after noticing a jeweler wearing them and then noticed an optician wearing a pair as he was grinding lenses.
  6. Just guessing from the photo but it looks to be a 3/32 cross section so it is probably a -109 or a -110. Just measure it with a ruler if no one here can give you the size. It will only require a ruler measuring in -32's. Pay more attention to the ID as if I remember the vise from pictures the OD won't matter. Just my 2 cents worth which is probably what the o-ring will cost.
  7. Someone on this forum will be able to give you the height on a pedestal vise but I would clamp the vise on the edge of a table and just adjust the vise down to get it to a comfortable height and use that as a starting point. I prefer to work with what is best for me and not particularly what the manufacturer has decided on.
  8. Art you almost had me fooled but your post did not finish quite right eh….
  9. I had just finished tying a spun deer hair mouse and decided to try out my new cauterizer to trim a few stragglers. I managed to light the fly on fire and got to watch it go up in flames.
  10. I have in the past purchased from Conranch Hackles and was always very pleased with both the prices and the quality. Denny has retired but he has sold his stock to a company known as Clearwater Hackle. Take a look at their offerings as their pricing is very competitive and if they follow in the tradition of Conranch the quality was always outstanding.
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