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  1. Hello all, Read an article recently that said to wax ALL thread upon application to the hook, not just for dubbing. Maybe it's my own misinterpretation (and I have been applying all thread / knots dry) but is the wax that critical ? If so, why ? Thanks as always for any / all replies.
  2. Thanks all.... will keep working on it. Just started but.... I spent most of the evening working on varied patterns and the time disappeared without a trace (a good thing). To answer: - Yes, I did clip / snip the wings... simply because I was unsure at first on length and then second-guessed it. Have to remember that comparison with hook shank length, etc.... - Read a post after-the-fact that mentioned a pull and break method versus the snipping (more for the tails versus the wings) but.... will figure that out based on application. - Attempted to take a clearer photo.... camera would not cooperate. Will also figure that one out with time. Other camera / other lens maybe. Need to figure out the more common hook sizes for certain patterns (have been reading the fishing reports / articles and going off of that). Thanks again for the 'Welcomes' and glad to be a member of this group.
  3. Attached is first attempt at pheasant tail (or anything that is not just 'tie randomly'), size 16. Used Olive everything (except for the peacock herl). Will use brown next time but wanted to give olive a try.
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