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  1. Wow after seeing all of these beautiful fly's posted, just throw mine in the trash.
  2. There's some great fishing around that area. You have the Tuckaseegee River, which part of it is Delayed Harvest. A short ride away is rivers in the Cherokee area, another great fishing spot. You have the Davidson River, Nantahala River and the Mills River. I would definitely throw in my gear.
  3. My fly swap fliesĀ are on their way. I apologize for cutting it close. This is my first time swapping in forever and I forgot the toe tag.

  4. May I grab one of the spots? Colts for me
  5. SBPATT, that is one awesome looking fly. Great job.
  6. Make sure you don't have any needle nose pliers in your carry on. They took mine in Cancun, not that it really mattered but.
  7. No I haven't been to the doctor, it's something that I have had for years. Messed my back up almost 30 years ago, I use to break horses for people on the side. That should tell the tale there, I got bucked off one day and my back has never been the same since. I wear a vest that has a hip belt made into it so it give some support. It could even be the shoes, don't know. I may have to try a different type. I think the back excersises are the way I need to go.
  8. Take your finger nail and push the wraps together as you go.
  9. I like them, what are you using for the bodies and bills? Sort of looks like craft foam for the body?
  10. Thanks for all of the advice. I guess I will just have to suck it up and keep on keeping on! I will definately start the day from now on with a couple of ibruprofen. I am a run and gun fisherman, wide open from the time the truck door slams. Looks like I am going to have to slow down and enjoy the scenery more.
  11. That wading rivers is killing me. Much as I hate to admit it, I am getting old fast. There's nothing I love more than wading rivers and trout fishing but I have to pay the price after a day on the water. It takes me two days to get over a day on the river. My back and down my legs kill me after standing and wading all day or even a half day. Anyone else have these problems and what do you do to try and help the problem, besides stay home.
  12. I like the concept of it. Do you have any problems with the line rubbing into right where it goes through the bill. I noticed what looks like maybe a drop of glue there.
  13. A copper john is one of my best flies for trout. I also tie them in blue, red, green and pink; mostly on a size 16 or 18.
  14. I run a 4 wt. line on mine, the reason for that is; I was having a hard time throwing weighted nymphs with the 3 wt. line. After changing it made a world of difference in the casting of the rod.
  15. I'm with Mike on the BPS, Hobb's Creek I think it's called. Great real for the money.
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