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  1. Does Allen offer a military discount?
  2. A proper roll cast or Spey cast with a single hand rod should take care of most of your problems. Good luck!!
  3. I would really love everyone's opinion on the best dry fly floatant. I would like brands and what everyone thinks about gel, liquid, or powder. Thank you and tight lines!!
  4. Hello everyone, What is everyone's favorite brand of hook and can you buy them in bulk? Has anyone tried the Green Caddis hooks that are advertised on this site? The price seems to be good. Thank you!!
  5. Thank you very much for the information. I've only been here a year, but I have had a good amount of success. I'm still trying to learn what the good patterns are for different times of year. Your input has helped considerably.
  6. I was wondering if we have any Provo River fishers here and what nymphs is everyone tying up for the fishing right now? Tight lines!!
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