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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I wish I could make it out this week. Although, the weather is suppose to be really nasty. I am currently sitting out blizzard conditions. Don't even know if I will be able to find my way to the shop do some woodworking today.
  2. I am going to attempt to make that octagon shaped drawer. This week we are suppose to have some nasty weather. So I should have enough time to start and finish it this week. As I am writing this and looking out the window I can barely see the trees in the front yard that are less than 25 yards away; got a blizzard happening outside. Also, I am going to look into make a reel seat. Anyone know instructions of doing it? Are you able to replace reel seats on factory made rods?
  3. Here is a photo of that fish. I have this photo and other fly fishing photos on my instagram: andrewvictormeyer (Follow me if you like)
  4. Hey everyone, Living in the MIdwest before going out fishing in the afternoon when it is warmer out I been working in the shop in the morning. I am looking for ideas of things to build with wood. Stuff besides the usual...nets, tool caddy, or the original fly boxes. I want some more unique ideas. I am pretty crafty with wood and possible if someone comes up with an idea that I like I may even make one for whom comes up with it. Sincerely, Bored Fly Fisherman In the Mornings
  5. Update: I have been sticking with my size 18 and 20 zebra midges for the fishing. I have not gone wrong with it. I actually just had a battle of a life time on a size 20. I was in a hole just past some rapids and was catching many small 5 inch browns and rainbows. I kept hooking up with a trout that I could see slightly under the water when it showed its white belly. I could tell it was a big one; after 10 + "quick releases" I was just getting frustrated and wanted to bust my rod. Surprising it kept hitting my fly after 4 hours into it. It was just getting dark and I told myself I was not going to leave till I landed it. I finally hooked it and was able to get it close to the shore and net it. (A net I just bought the night before, never owned one because since I started fishing a year ago I was in streams that never have been known to produce fish over 12 inches) Well, I am sure glad I bought that net. I landed a 16 inch Wild brown. It may not be that large for some, but for me it was the largest to this date I have ever caught. It is the battle that I will always remember on that size 20 zebra midge. Thanks everyone for your insight! Hope all is well and remember keep them lines tight!
  6. Also, I see that there are little black looking flies. I am unsure what they are exactly. So I am thinking I should start studying bugs. How should I find information about it. I been looking for hatch charts but was unable to find any for Iowa or Minnesota that included winter months.
  7. Hey Everyone, I am from the Midwest and have been fishing our streams in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota. I currently been having some amazing luck with Zebra Midges, and a bit with Pink Squirrels. I have tied Scuds, Zebra Midges, and Pink Squirrels. So besides those three I am looking for more of a variety to use during the winter. What are some flies I should be tying? Need something to do after I get home from the stream, and I would like to be tying more flies.
  8. Jburge, That would be the box and flies (front four compartments) that I had given. I hope you had a great holiday!
  9. Absolutely love all the flies I got!! Thanks you Joseph Russel! I cannot wait to try them out on the local waters! Also got some extra things. I am assuming you put them in there Vicrider. Thanks you so much foe everything guys. You two definitely just made my Christmas!!!
  10. Received the flies today. Thanks vicrider for hosting! I now have one present under my Christmas tree!
  11. So you sent them out? So I should keep my eyes open for a package from Santa.
  12. Just sent my flies. Expected delivery is Monday.
  13. Vicrider, I AM IN!! I will send you a PM with info.
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