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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I wish I could make it out this week. Although, the weather is suppose to be really nasty. I am currently sitting out blizzard conditions. Don't even know if I will be able to find my way to the shop do some woodworking today.
  2. I am going to attempt to make that octagon shaped drawer. This week we are suppose to have some nasty weather. So I should have enough time to start and finish it this week. As I am writing this and looking out the window I can barely see the trees in the front yard that are less than 25 yards away; got a blizzard happening outside. Also, I am going to look into make a reel seat. Anyone know instructions of doing it? Are you able to replace reel seats on factory made rods?
  3. Here is a photo of that fish. I have this photo and other fly fishing photos on my instagram: andrewvictormeyer (Follow me if you like)
  4. Hey everyone, Living in the MIdwest before going out fishing in the afternoon when it is warmer out I been working in the shop in the morning. I am looking for ideas of things to build with wood. Stuff besides the usual...nets, tool caddy, or the original fly boxes. I want some more unique ideas. I am pretty crafty with wood and possible if someone comes up with an idea that I like I may even make one for whom comes up with it. Sincerely, Bored Fly Fisherman In the Mornings
  5. Update: I have been sticking with my size 18 and 20 zebra midges for the fishing. I have not gone wrong with it. I actually just had a battle of a life time on a size 20. I was in a hole just past some rapids and was catching many small 5 inch browns and rainbows. I kept hooking up with a trout that I could see slightly under the water when it showed its white belly. I could tell it was a big one; after 10 + "quick releases" I was just getting frustrated and wanted to bust my rod. Surprising it kept hitting my fly after 4 hours into it. It was just getting dark and I told myself I was not going to leave till I landed it. I finally hooked it and was able to get it close to the shore and net it. (A net I just bought the night before, never owned one because since I started fishing a year ago I was in streams that never have been known to produce fish over 12 inches) Well, I am sure glad I bought that net. I landed a 16 inch Wild brown. It may not be that large for some, but for me it was the largest to this date I have ever caught. It is the battle that I will always remember on that size 20 zebra midge. Thanks everyone for your insight! Hope all is well and remember keep them lines tight!
  6. Also, I see that there are little black looking flies. I am unsure what they are exactly. So I am thinking I should start studying bugs. How should I find information about it. I been looking for hatch charts but was unable to find any for Iowa or Minnesota that included winter months.
  7. Hey Everyone, I am from the Midwest and have been fishing our streams in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota. I currently been having some amazing luck with Zebra Midges, and a bit with Pink Squirrels. I have tied Scuds, Zebra Midges, and Pink Squirrels. So besides those three I am looking for more of a variety to use during the winter. What are some flies I should be tying? Need something to do after I get home from the stream, and I would like to be tying more flies.
  8. Jburge, That would be the box and flies (front four compartments) that I had given. I hope you had a great holiday!
  9. Absolutely love all the flies I got!! Thanks you Joseph Russel! I cannot wait to try them out on the local waters! Also got some extra things. I am assuming you put them in there Vicrider. Thanks you so much foe everything guys. You two definitely just made my Christmas!!!
  10. Received the flies today. Thanks vicrider for hosting! I now have one present under my Christmas tree!
  11. So you sent them out? So I should keep my eyes open for a package from Santa.
  12. Just sent my flies. Expected delivery is Monday.
  13. Vicrider, I AM IN!! I will send you a PM with info.
  14. Alright, I am new to this swap thing and have a few questions before I say I'm in. I am a bit confused on how to send the flies out. Specifically the Return Postage. I would like to get more details on exactly the steps I have to do to accomplish this. Do I go to the USPS office and they will help me? So are you asking not to use Altoids containers and instead go by a cheap lure box.
  15. Also right now I am stuck between the Peak and Renzitti Traveler. The traveler seems to be the better choice becauae it looks like the is more room between the claws and arm. I tie some warm water flies that the longer distance would be helpful. Also, anyone know which one has a a wider gap between the sizes of hooks the regular claws will hold.
  16. Does anyone know where you can get film canister? And to get further clarification wire scrubby a sponge looking thing for cleaning dishes?
  17. So when using the bodkin with glue how do you care for it. As in do you let the glue dry and scrap it clean or do you try to wipe it clean before it dries? Also, under this thread I would like to ask which is a good vise for the price? I would like to upgrade to one that rotates because as I notices as I been becoming a better tier a rotating vise would make things a lot easier.
  18. Thanks everyone! You all gave me some great ideas that I will use. I especially like the idea of giving it to the birds!
  19. So I been tying for about 6 months. I received my fly tying equipment and materials from a professor of mine. I use the waste catcher that attaches to the vise. Anyways, I seem to collect a lot of waste. Is it really waste? Should I be using this material and be saving it? The photo is only a 3 hours worth of tying.
  20. I will be sure to update you all on how I do!! I will be going Mid August thankfully! It will give me time to tie some flies.
  21. Thanks Everyone for the advice and tips!!!! I can not tell you enough how much I appreciated it!
  22. Hey Everyone, I am normally just fishing for trout in SouthEastern Minnesota but recently I got the chance to head up to Park Rapids to stay with my girlfriend at her cabin for a whole week. It is on Long Lake; it apparently holds walleye, pike, bass, and sunnies. I am trying to go for walleye or pike. So I have a few questions... 1) where should I be searching for them? I never really fished a lake and don't understand where the fish will be holding. 2) What flies should I be tying? Any favorite patterns out there that you would kindly share with me? 3) how should I be retrieving? So basically what technique should I be using? 4) I own a 5 wt rod. What should I be getting for leaders and such(setup)? 5) what do you think you this fly pictured here for them? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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