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  1. When I fish the poudre, I make sure to have the following at all times: black stonefly nymphs (#12-16), bead head prince nymphs (#10-16), various caddis larvae (especially some green barr net builder #14-16), rsII's (#20). I would also have dry flies and emergers: green drake and elk hair caddis (#14-16). The hopper, copper, dropper route is also productive. My favorite setup on the poudre is a standard nymphing rig with indicator, #14 black stone nymph followed by a #16 green caddis larvae pattern. :headbang:
  2. Here is one great resource. A fly tying shop near my place has this fantastic website for tying flies. I have been reluctant to give out this link but it is just too good of a resource for DETAILED patterns. In my opinion, it is as good as many tying books because the pictures can be expanded to fit the entire screen and there are truly step-by-step instructions. I only ask that if you come to Denver, you have to stop by this guy's shop and buy some stuff (he is really nice and helpful). Alright, here is the link: http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/flybox/index.cfm Select the pattern you wish to tie, press "get pattern". Then, when the pattern page comes up, select the "click here for tutorial". In addition to detailed instructions, the tutorial gives you information about the pattern (history) and also all of the materials the owner uses to tie the fly. Sweet website. :headbang:
  3. If you are fishing the south platte near Deckers or Cheeseman Canyon, I would recommend you tie up some rs2 patterns and also brassies in addition to the ones others have listed. If this is where you are going to fish, use a long leader with the standard two fly nymph rig.
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