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  1. I have been given a whole lot of emu feathers...they have dark black tips and then fade to white near the bottom...question is can these be used? and for what style flies? any pics of flies u have tied with them would be great!! thanks...
  2. 1. Mickey Finn w/flash 2. Olive Bugger 3. Crystal Bullet
  3. I won't be spending huge amounts...found this one...www.shadowflyfishing.com gladiator reel 9/10wt
  4. thanks for the replies guys...I've decided on a reel...ill let u know what i went with when i recieve it
  5. Looking at purchasing a new fly reel in the new year, done with cheap crap i want a reel that lasts...i'm leaning towards lamson or hardie...i fish mostly salmon and steelhead in rivers...thoughts on both?
  6. Most of our rivers here on vancouver island are all closed to fishing because of the dry weather, we haven't had any significant rain since March. Pink salmon are usually in the rivers by now here and havent even started going anywhere near the rivers...
  7. I fished with my dad when i was a kid 10 years old i would say, just spin casting though. Kept at it up until 3 years ago when my wife bought me a fly rod for my birthday...been hooked since...taught myself by watching videos and reading lots. Now just recently have also started tying flies, and catching fish with my flies I plan to teach my 6 week old son as soon as he can hold a rod as well :)
  8. A friend of mine at work has a aquired an old A.L. & W bamboo fly rod. It's in pretty rough shape, missing a couple eyes and the markings are pretty hard to read...can't find a weight on it but it says "Power Libre" on the butt by the A.L.&W markings...anybody on here know anything about these rods? Thank you Brad
  9. I bought it at the recent store opening in Nanaimo BC...Sept.9/2014...its held up to everything i've fished so far (100+ pinks...and countless trout..) Puts the greys gx 300 that it replaced of mine to shame...
  10. I have recently bought a cabela's wind river 8wt reel to replace a grey's GX300 and am very impressed with it...caught 50 pinks in one day with it and its held up great...cost me $25.00!! Will be buying another for a 5wt rod...
  11. Thanx for the welcome...my wife and I are planning a trip to the bow river next year
  12. What are your top 5 rivers that u want to fish (if u could go anywhere in the world)? Mine... 1. Bow river, Alberta 2. Ozernaya river, Russia 3. Yakoun river, Queen Charlotte Islands (already fished the copper river there...amazing!!) 4. River Test, England 5. Blackfoot river, Montana
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