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  1. Hi guys wanted to show you my second attempt of the furry foam Crayfish. This is following the instructions of dronlees furry foam cray, Obviously not as good as his, but I am happy with it! http://dronsworld.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/furry-foam-crayfish.html Cheers Clint
  2. Hi guys, Im wondering if any one knows of a "furry foam" substitute? Cheers Clint
  3. Here is my latest efforts, Im very happy with the way the tan one goes. Just wondering if the lack of legs would make a difference. Clint
  4. Tested the crab flies today. The one without the braid looked better to me in the water. Unfortunately I lost both of them. 1 to snags and the second to some mangrove trees behind me... I couldnt find it for the life of me! back to the vice to make some more. I have decided to tie a couple strands of mono out the back to stop them turning face down. Will send some photos when finished! Stevester, The black crabs are for muddy mangrove creeks so the black swivel is unseen. Thanks for the feedback guys Clint
  5. G'day all! I'm in the process of creating a crab fly that has floating claws made out of foam. The problem i am having is working out the best way to attach them to the main body of the fly so it doesn't look too messy. At the moment I am cutting one part of a cross line swivel off to make the rest of the swivel 90 deg from there i am trying to attach the claws, I have tried to attach them via lure clips and then tying the claws on to this but its a bit to fiddly, I have also tried using braid and trying it straight on like that but it just doesn't look right. Any suggestions on how to attach the claws would be appreciated. The reason I am trying this design is I am trying to tie a crab in a defensive position with its claws up. I would like to add i'm a very amateur tier but am enjoying creating this. Pictures attached Cheers Clint
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