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  1. I did actually use Sally on the thread just like flies. I never thought of using the white tips as parachutes.
  2. One of our neighbors had two turkeys that were butchered earlier this summer. I was gifted feathers from them for tying flies (great source and free!), but some of those feather's were just too pretty to not use for something else. This is what I tied with them. Out of curiosity what flies could those feather's be used for?
  3. So when you sit down to tie a fly, is there a certain number of one kind of fly you tie before moving onto other flies? I find I start with the intent of tying at least 5 flies of whatever type but usually end up only getting through three before I want to tie some other type. I always get sidetracked by seeing other materials in my stash, limited as it is. I'll see something I haven't used in a while or not at all and think I really want to use that or, maybe I should tie that fly do I have the materials? Then off I go. It probably also doesn't help I'm usually watching you tube videos while tying and just let them play unless I need instruction. Sometimes those will inspire the new fly I just have to tie... How many do you tie?
  4. Mike, Do the stacked hair mice and such that I've seen spin/wobble then?
  5. How can you tell it's going to spin/wobble just by looking at the pic?
  6. looking at the blue ribbon site now.
  7. Welcome! Very large knowledge base and very helpful individuals!
  8. Since I haven't been tying long, I was wondering do fly tying shops, both brick and motor and online, carry certain materials only part of the year? I'm looking for elk hair and have been having a hard time finding it in my go to shops. Since the people I know who hunt haven't gotten anything this year I can't get it from them... So my question is do the materials that have hunting seasons become scarce during the year?
  9. https://www.flymasters.com/ShopDetail.asp?d=44&i=248 According to these guys this is the 9672 hook. They've only just changed the model number. I ran across them looking for these hooks for a pattern I'm wanting to tie!
  10. Those are incredible. What do you use to make them?
  11. https://www.flymasters.com/ShopDetail.asp?d=44&i=274 This store I've been to personally and the staff there is really great. It's also the only place I've been able to find the foam spider/ant bodies without having to buy a whole kit. They have them in different colors and sizes.
  12. pnptrapp


    Nice to meet you CJ!
  13. That is a gorgeous picture. Makes me want to head on in and have a cup of hot cocoa next to a roaring fire!
  14. I'd be surprised to find zonkers are made from Rex. Their fur I think would be too short. They are great for lining gloves, coats and hats though! I used to raise Mini-rex and they were a fun breed. I"m thinking Chincilla Rabbits because I like that breed and either Satins or Californians.
  15. Thanks for the input. I'm thinking Satins would work but it's probably californians they raise for that. Thanks for all the warnings, but when I raised rabbits before we ate them, or at least I got to eat them when I went over to a friends house. My mom was a big softy as well as two of my other sisters. When we get going there will definitely be a few that will die happily of old age. BUT my kids already know that if one of our animals is marked for butcher it's gonna happen. We raise meat birds and are a hunting family. So they've had to learn that lesson early. We've decided to raise the rabbits for their meat, and the zonkers strips and dubbing will be a bonus. Thanks for the advice, and I'll keep everyone posted as to how it all works out and what breed/s we end up with.
  16. I think angora would be too long. I used to raise Satins and their fur was about 1-2 inches long. I believe (I'd have to look it up) that angora wool is typically 3-4 inches in length.
  17. In my past life (high school) I raised rabbits and loved it. Now that I have kids of my own I've decided I want to start raising them again. After starting to tie flies I realized that zonker strips are rabbit! Does anyone know what breed of rabbit they make zonker strips out of? Does it really matter the breed? I plan on getting a dual purpose breed rabbit and will use the fur for other things but thought it would be great if I could also make my own zonker strips.
  18. Since I've just started tying and looking at making my own materials I haven't looked into the specifics. But I do know that for SHEEP you can send them to a tannery and there is a process that allows the hide to be washed after it has been processed. I would think this process could be repeated. I also know at one point my husband was looking into the process of preparing our own hides since he is a hunter. I'll talk to him and see what else I can dig up.
  19. This place is a great wealth of knowledge! make sure you use the search feature often!
  20. I've just started tying flies. I've thought keeping an inventory would be good. That way when I was going through books and you tube videos I would know if I already had the stuff to make the flies I was learning about! I still haven't sat down and done it but I do intend to do it soon.
  21. Thanks! I wasn't all too sure what Master bright was or how to use it as dubbing. What you're saying makes sense. I need to get some other dubbing materials. Right now all I have is green, red and orange master bright, and Black and Red of non flash dubbing. Not even sure what the other dubbing is made from.
  22. Thanks! As for what my mom told me when I started showing interest in wearing makeup... "You know I don't wear that crap go ask your sister." And your right you always remember what Mom says! So do you always mix the master bright? It was the only green dubbing I had.
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