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  1. memories of the lake... 3 Weeks, 6 Days ago a montage of digital photography pictures and some of my biggest and/or favorite fish i caught. check it out . . . ICE FISH BABY!!! i made a new video. a photo montage of all my favorite pictures from my ice fishing history this took litle over an hour to make . . . The Roughfisherman! i dedicate this photomontage to the future and survival of roughfishing! i am just to let you know half of the fish in that slide show were caught flyfishing. most of the carp were caught while fly fishing. plus the 1 snapping turtle that im holding on a dock which was also caught flyfishing. The Rough Fisherman
  2. im not sure what it is called i just know its in the mountains by denver
  3. i think they are cutthroat trout. correct me if im wrong
  4. a slideshow from my first carp on the fly to the most recent (click picture to go to the site)
  5. thats better than what i can do
  6. i found this picture in some old files on my computer. i figured some of you would like to see it. it is 2 cutthroat trout. i took this picture when we were in colorado 2 years ago. the were in a small stream of water coming down from the melting snow on the mountains. the stream was about 2 feet wide and bout 1/2 foot deep. sadly there was no fishing in that park.
  7. picturesd of fish from the spawn mid spring of this year.
  8. from a recent carp on the fly trip
  9. thank you very much. i have been out on that lake alot laterly. every day since school went out actually which was june 4th but only half the time i was fishing. the other half i was studying either what the forage is or there feeding patterns throughout the day. but it has been a great producer. not to mention im the only one who fishes that lake. (a sewage plant was dumping in it many years ago and the water is almost green. it also gets a strange smell during mid summer)
  10. read her story @ http://mncarping.blogspot.com/
  11. i caught it on a small in-line spinner. its called the blue fox vibe-rax. in emerald shiner color.
  12. story on my blog. http://mncarping.blogspot.com/
  13. yes it is but i lost it. so i cant get a pic. it was a croched weave instead of the usual weave. and i used orange rubber for antennas and tail
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