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  1. Thank you. Yup, I've got my fair share of bird mounts and predator pelts hanging around the place. I appreciate the kind words.
  2. Thanks everyone. A lot of time was put into the desk for sure. And I'd like to save money, but in all honesty I needed a hobby for the long winters up here. Come spring I should have an arsenal tied.
  3. No idea about the 8wt but I have the 4wt and absolutely love it! I saw the 8 is on sale at cabelas and was thinking of getting it. Can't beat the price.
  4. I think I'm finally done. The piece on the left is perfect for holding beads and hooks that I am actively working with. The more I use the desk, the more I think I actually like the dark top for tying. I am 24 and I'm sure I won't feel that way when I'm 42, but for now I'll go without the backdrop. Might still make one for picture though. Here are my first flies. Any suggestions or tips. 10 Flashback Pheasant Tails 5 Beadhead Flashback PT 1 Pats Rubber Leg (not the best I know but that thing took me forever to tie, stupid legs)
  5. Thanks a lot everyone! Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when I started. This is pretty much my first wood working project and since I have no tying experience (except for the 10 Flashback Pheasant Tails that I tied last night), I've just been winging it for the most part. The separation really isn't bad at all on the first 3 planks, and that's where I think most of the work will be done. I kind of built it that way on purpose, kind of got lucky lol. I LOVE the idea of the back drop! I just finished a stand to hold hooks/beads/etc. that I am currently working with for organization purposes. Heading to Lowes to pick up some more wood, I'll see what I can do about building my own this evening. Thanks so much for the suggestions. If you have any more, keep em coming! It's a work in progress.
  6. Thanks guys. Here is a better picture and in the second you can see how much I had to take off the boards to make them level. The vise normally sits in the middle of the table but I was using the table as a work bench to drill the holes into the tool caddy. That's why it was clamped on the side.
  7. Well after spending $36 on 12 flies last Friday, I decided it was time to start tying my own. Step one was build a desk. Now I've never done this before or been around dedicated tying desks, so please bare with me while I tinker and come up with new ideas. Any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Now on to the desk. The entire desk was built from reclaimed wood (pallets that I had out back for a bonfire and a construction company let me pillage through their trash pile for the frame and legs). I had the stain and sealer in the garage and all of the hardware. So grand total, I'm into this project at a whopping $1.58 for the two wooden dowels. Stage one. Mocking the top to the legs/frame. The top took a ridiculous amount of sanding to get to a smooth working surface. The shelving is also built out of pallets. Not the straightest wood out there but I like the character. After staining with minwax and sealing with polycrylic. Came out pretty nice. Inserted 18 separate 3/16 dowels to hold threads etc. Screwed two 8" 2x6's together and drilled 8 3/16" holes for use as a tool caddy. Tomorrow I am going to build a tiered storage unit out of 2x6's with 1" holes for hooks/beads/etc. that I am currently working with. It will slide under the center shelf when not in use. Let me know what you guys thjnk! P.S. Sorry for the crummy picture at the end, it got dark on me and apparently my flash is worse than I thought. Can post a better picture if you'd like.
  8. Hello, My name is Steven and I recently moved to Post Falls, Idaho from San Diego. I grew up along the Eastern Sierras but unfortunately was more into bass fishing than catching them on the fly. Been fly fishing for a few years now and have been at least 3 times a week since I moved up here. Last week I went to a shop and bought 12 flies for $36. I decided it's time to start tying. Build a desk with scrap wood I had laying around the house and hope to tie a wooly bugger or two this weekend. Looks like a great place to learn here, very excited.
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