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  1. Thanks for the responses and suggestions guys. I didn't mean to post and disappear on ya. The braid sounds interesting and definitely doable. I'll revisit this and post pics of the final products once I get it done. Thanks again.
  2. Hey guys. I'm looking for some suggestions on patterns to tie using my two youngest kids' hair as mementos for the grandparents. When my oldest daughter got her first haircut, I tied 3 Clouser minnows (1 for myself and both grandfathers). I also tied 2 Clousers from my nephew's hair for my brother and our dad. Now that I have two more kids (another girl and boy) I want to do some different patterns because I want to be able to tell them apart, since they all have the same hair color. Both the girl and boy have fairly straight hair with curly ringlets at the ends that the wife wants me to keep in the flies. She wants me to do a popper for one of them. Got the foam head poppers to do so. Was thinking colorful hackles for the tails along with some locks adding to the tail. And some flashy chenille adding to the body. But I'm stumped on a third pattern. Have any of you guys done anything such as this as keepsakes? If so, would you be willing to post pics so I can get some ideas to choose from? Thanks in advance. Kyle, Mississippi
  3. I've been searching the site for answers to my question, but have not found what I am looking for as of yet. My little girl has a pet bunny rabbit (it has snow white fur all over) and we try to groom him whenever we think about it. He's an inside bunny so he stays clean as a whistle, no bugs, dirt, tangles, etc. He's got the finest fur I've ever seen. Question(s): After grooming with the grooming brush, do I need to wash or treat the fur before using as dubbing? What treatment, if any, is recommended? Is there an idiot-proof method for dyeing custom colors? Thanks for the anticipated assistance guys/gals. Kyle M.
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