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  1. Thanks for the information and will use the width you have recommended and see how it looks. Now if I could only get the pinch fit down. For some strange reason I can not feel the material between my finger tips. Steve
  2. I am going to try and tie the Hipper Stomper and the instructions are on YouTUBE and I have no problem with the instructions except I can not figure out how wide the foam should be for this fly. I know I could spend some time and just keep cutting foam until I finally find a with that looks ok. But being lazy I thought someone out there might have tied this fly before and maybe can help me out. I will be doing this fly in a #12,14 and 16. I have seen other instructions that use the hook gap to figure out the with of the foam. Steve
  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestion to use ultra chenille. Will have to make a stop by the fly shop and replace the chenille I have been using. At least there is a silver lining in all of this as now I will have to work on doing up a new batch of San Juan Worms that will not come apart. Thanks All Steve
  4. Yes burned both ends. Still got the mess in the picture. My son and myself used 4 flies each and they all looked the same after two times in the water. Steve
  5. I have tyed a few San Juan Worms up for me and my son usint Hareline Dubbin Velvet Chenille Fine San Juan Red. When they flies were tyed they looked great but when we both use them on the water after a few casts we noticed that the chenille looked like it was comming apart. It almost looks like the water was melting the material ( I know that is not it). Is there a standard chenille that should be used or is this just a bad batch of chenille.
  6. Thanks for the advice on this fly. I think I have a good idea of how to change from one color to another. Steve
  7. I am going to try and tye this pattern and have looked at the INTHERIFFLE Video on how to put this fly together. This fly is tyed in many colors but I do not know what the material changes are when say going from a Tan to a Red color. Is it just the dubbing? Thanks Steve
  8. Thanks folks for the information. Looks like a size 14 scud hook is a good starting point. For now will be tying them in size 14 and will try some done in 18. U tube does have a good many video's to show tying the pattern and will get to work on getting the use of Mcflyfoam down. Just finished up doing some Zebra Midges for my son. Will have to post some pictures to have folks evaluate them and let me know what I can do to make them better. Steve
  9. My first post so please take it easy on me. I am going to start doing some Egg Patterns and was wondering what would be the best hook/size to tie them on. I live in Colorado and will be using these in the hunt for Brown and Rainbow Trout. Have only been tying for a few months now and it has been a great way to pass some time now that I have finally retired. Thanks Steve
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