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  1. I second the size 18 to 24 pheasant tail notion.
  2. I fish a bead head birds nest with Hares mask as dubbing on various rivers here in norcal with success when there are caddis in the water. The ribbing on mine are just copper wire.
  3. That actually makes sense, thanks for the help everyone. I guess its time to tie up some hoppers
  4. I was at a flea market a few weeks back and picked up this hair packer up for a dollar, wondering what it was for since I found it with some fly tying stuff and I can't seem to find it anywhere on the web showing how to use it or even what's it used for. Do any of you guys have an idea? Tight lines.
  5. I have recently stumbled upon a nymph pattern that is called the squirminator. I would post the link but it seems like I am unable to do so. A quick google search can find it for you. The fly uses a tentacle off of those rubber toys that you can get at the dollar store, a jig hook, and egg yarn. People say that it is a good attractor, but looking at the video posted on the orvis website, I thought that it could be a nice uncased caddis imitation with a few tweaks. I used an egg hook, olive dubbing, a Hungarian partridge feather, and a green tentacle for the variation. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, tight lines.
  6. I agree with ditz2, the featherweight is a nice rod for its price.
  7. Thanks you guys I will take into consideration everything said and provide an update tomorrow, I am always looking to improve my fly's. Oh, and tide water, I am going to tie up a few with that black/white/olive scheme also.
  8. Thanks, I will put the stripe in the middle next time
  9. So I tied my first black nose dace recently, but I didn't have any tan buck tail so I used a piece of timberwolf hair we have in our trailer to keep the mice out. (I don't know if it works but it seems to) it seems to tie in nicely but its not as coarse as buck tail and it flair a bit more. The first one I tied is on the left, second one middle, and the last one on the right. So let me know what you think! Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Tight lines.
  10. Very interesting, are we talking about one rotary vice that is spinning the hook while you hold the bobbin, or possibly one vice holding the hook stationary while a rotary vice is holding a bobbin being spun around the hook from electric power? I thought about this once with an old pencil sharpener but I don't have a rotary vice so I threw the sharpener away. Hmm... you would also want to change the gearing so you don't snap the thread...I could see a use for an electric rod tying vise but you could use a slow going lathe.... very very interesting sir. Time for sleep.
  11. Where do you go for trout? I like the Sacramento river but the American river is closest to my house. Have you heard of the Rubicon ?
  12. I live in Sacramento! I haven't gone after them with a fly rod yet but they're in the river now! just big streamers I'm guessing right?
  13. thanks for the tip Curtis, I am going to do that today when I get some down time.
  14. XD if your serious then just use appropriate sized hackle. I don't trust my judgment though, I let the trout decide.
  15. Very fishable but I think it looks a bit messy. I really like the curved tips though
  16. Hey Mack! I've got addicted as well! There are some pretty knowledgeable folks around here.
  17. Thank you for the feed back guys, it makes a lot more sense now. I really appreciate it.
  18. I have been seeing some of those really colorful, classic flies around here and they sparked my interest, so I set out to try and make one. I sat down at the vise got all my tools ready then suddenly I realized I didn't have all of the materials to make those wonderful flies. I still wanted to have a feel for those patterns so I looked over a few patterns to see what the components were. I ended up with this. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Tight lines.
  19. From my knowledge, the muddler minnow imitates a slender bait fish while the wooly bugger can be mostly anything if they aren't biting the bugger then go to the minnow. Right?
  20. Hi! I am Noah, I'm fourteen, and I started fly tying about a year ago. I live in Sacramento, California and my "home" river is the American river, eight miles from my house. I love to tie my own flies but I normally end up with one fly of a bunch of different patterns because of my ADHD. The biggest fish I've ever caught was a four pound rainbow from the lower Sacramento in Redding. Large fish are fun, but I like high mountain streams and wild trout. I think (remember I'm new) the most trout I caught on a fly in one stream was three. That particular stream was prune creek in Wyoming on a recent road trip across the united states. I was stripping a size twelve olive wooly bugger they were cutthroats. I rarely take pictures of my trout because its never convenient, I don't like to brag. I am very curious about new patterns or styles. I am VERY glad to have stumbled upon this site. Tight lines. -Noah
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