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  1. Hey like that tying table. Makes me want to go see what I can scrounge up from the garage.
  2. I found one of my very first flies that I tied from about 12-13 years ago. I had to take a picture and share it. When I stopped drinking my fly tying improved dramatically. I think....
  3. Attractors, from my understanding, are patterns that are not intended to "match the hatch". They are fished to just "attract" a bite as opposed to imitating any particular insect. I think they're just supposed to look like any ol' bug that a fish might like.
  4. I like redington. The Surge is around $80 I believe for the 3/4 wt.
  5. utyer, that was very informative. Thank you.
  6. I'm a chef, with emphasis in the dietary and nutritional field.
  7. J Stockard on the throne for me too, thank you very much.
  8. Despite what Fisherboy said, you can only get 50 nymphs from on bunny. After you've tied your 50th nymph, you have to pass the skin along to the first person who told you that you can only get 50 nymphs from one bunny. Oh, that would be me. I'll send you my address when you're ready. lol, that's good stuff guys. Tell you what, I'll send you the next one I shoot. You have to skin and cure it, so by the time it gets down your way it may stink. Be prepared. Fisherboy0301, the actual number is 488,012. So Mike is the closest without going over, he wins the Showcase Showdown.
  9. Bagged some great fly-tying material today. How many nymphs do you think I can get from a single bunny?
  10. Thanks a bunch for the advice from everyone! Andre - I haven't fished a lot of chenille body flies, so I never thought about how soaked it would get. Great point! Hatchet Jack - Noted. Great advice on trying to not wrap the hackle on the tag ends of the chenille and wing. I don't think of these things. ditz2 - I will have to check out Hans now that he gets a second nod on here. This forum is awesome!
  11. I truly want and need critiques, tips, and instruction. To myself, my flies never look like I want them so I need more experienced tiers to let me know what I can do to achieve the goals in fly-tying I set for myself.
  12. Also, Craickaig, I like what you said about "Use your thread as if...." I'm going to keep that one in mind as I tie. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks for the replies, gentlemen. Crackaig, I never really thought of tying in the thread base anywhere other than right behind the eye. Now that you mention it, I believe this tip will help with several of the flies I tie. Thanks! mikechell, Yes, that was kind of what I was thinking, but looking at the fly itself, and not the picture, I think it is just that I didn't wrap the hackle where it was touching on consecutive wraps. I think it is ever so slightly "palmered" if you will. Is that the correct terminology?
  14. Thanks vb1971 Hook : Daiichi 1180 size 12 Thread: Danville 6/0 Black Body: Yellow and Black Chenille Wings: Wood Duck Hackle: Brown
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