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  1. Out of curiosity, Do you make glass fly rods? If so what would one be looking at price wise? PM me if you do not want to post here. 8'6-9' foot 5 weight moderate action would be what I am looking for. TL
  2. Thanks for all the replies so far everyone. The one i was looking at is a 5 weight 8'6" .
  3. Cheers, saw one for 20.00, thought it might be a interesting addition to my rod collection.
  4. Has any one had any experience with these rods? Any feed back on them would be great. Looks like they might be a fun little rod. http://www.eagleclaw...t/rod/8-fly-rod Cheers
  5. I fish for brook, rainbow, browns and steelies . Brookies and rainbow being top choices , also enjoy fishing ultralight gear for bass. I live in Stoney Creek Ontario, As far as other hobbies fishing takes up most of my free time. I have 3 very young sons, One 3yr old and a set of 15 month old twin boys!!! Yeah I know kind of old for young children ( I am 45yrs young ) but my career made it difficult earlier in life ( lots of travelling). So as you could guess they take up a lot of time ( but all good times ). I fish from shore and in the water . I am strictly a catch and release guy. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes, looking forward to spending a lot of quality time here. TL
  6. New to this form, looking forward to talk to you all. TL
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