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  1. Hello, Am I allowed to express my doubts that the stinger hook will be able to hold a bigger pike, considering the way it's attached to the front hook? When doing articulated streamers for pikes, the wire which connects the 2 parts of the streamer I let it to be longer then after securing it to the front hook, I bend the wire backward to the shank of the hook then secure again. I lost a nice pike first time I was fishing with an articulated streamer...what was left at the end of the fly line was only the front part of the streamer because the thread and the superglue didn't secure good enough the articulated tail
  2. A simple bait fish on tube for which I've replaced the bucktail with a combination of large EZ tube as fiber support and some cheap synthetic fibers I found on Ebay. It gives enough volume to the streamer and keeps low weight even when is wet. The streamer I did here is about 18cm long and because it's 95% synthetic materials (except the saddle feathers), it's very light and I'd say it can be used with a #6 line.
  3. Brace yourself, pike season has begun
  4. Right, the name on that package is not Larva Lace but looks the same to me, I found this half round body glass easier to use as it sits better on the fly's body
  5. Larva lace caddis pupa, black and red for chub
  6. Asp season is about to begin here, this is a simple streamer which worked well last years:
  7. I should go and check the craft store, too Thanks for the tip!
  8. Now that's cool looking...I like that a lot!!! Great job indeed!!!! Care to share the step by step on that? Hello, thank you for your kind words. I made a SBS on this forum: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=80554&do=findComment&comment=617800 Have fun!
  9. Hello, I've posted a streamer in the February's flies from the vice and here is a SBS of how I did it. It's doable in a few minutes only Tied some krystal flash Some Senyo's fusion dub for the hot spot (other materials would work, too) Attached a piece of EZ body, size large For the top, a clamp of darker synthetic fibers On the belly, white fibers Pinch the EZ body backward It will pull the fibers, too, so here is the initial shape Using the scissor, cut the fibers to get the final shape Draw some stripes, attach epoxy eyes Ready to swim Have fun!
  10. Pink'n'Purple tube fly for pike - 25cm, ~4grams
  11. Nobody's perfect Thank you all for the kind words!
  12. Thank you! He's learning fly tying, I'm learning After Effects
  13. My (almost)8 years old son was watching me while tying my flies since he was 5 and he wanted to try that, too. He learns very fast and seems to enjoy tying simple flies Can't wait for the summer to take him out to the river so he can fish with his own made flies
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