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  1. found it. hahah ok ok hows this work?
  2. cjhooker


    you to pnptrapp ! thanks. I cant post in the trade/swap section yet unfortunately. I will have to make more posts first . I think I have to reach 40 or something first
  3. cjhooker


    ill have to take you up on that. haven't surfed the site to much yet , but organizing a swap might be something of interest to me. spent last night nailing down an easier technique to actually tie glo bugs and micro glo bugs to imitate said king eggs that flood the tribs now that you mention it. found that a straw works great to load the yarn through to tie the bigger eggs, and a coffee stirrer straw works great for the micros!
  4. cjhooker


    I fish for everything with fins, tuna to bluegill. my passion is freshwater. really enjoy fishing the Delaware river ,west branch etc. fish the ausable, Raritan, Delaware, lake Ontario tribs etc. I am a mechanic from new jersey and will update my bio. brown trout and steelhead are my current drug of choice!
  5. cjhooker


    Hello everyone. Long time fisherman , new to fly tying. Probably got about 6 months into the fly tying , have to say my favorite to tie so far are march brown parachute emergers. been tying with biot bodies and recently discovered some synthetic body material that I really like the looks of. as I get a lil better I will start posting more and asking questions. just wanted to introduce myself. tight lines!!
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