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  1. Yea prolly true that making holes on the either side has it advantages, depending on what side of the river your fishing from, what side the current is on ect. I'm just to lazy to make different versions hehe. Had some luck with bombers as well, tho havn't landed any fish on one yet. I find it more difficult to set the hook properly when using thos fat bombers..Yea I've seen those, riffle tubes or something. Looks very exciting, think I'll give 'em a try! One question, is that squirrel you have used for the wing?
  2. Cool flies! Rifling hitch is such a fun visual way of fishing, using this quite a lot on the small rivers up here in northern norway. Works suprisingly well in colder weather as well, all tho prolly just 1/10 fish that rises actually takes the fly. Still a great way to "shake the pool"! Couldn't really tell from the pictures, do you make a entry hole for the leader underneath or on the side of the tubes? I usually make the v-shape ving and put the hole underneat to really get the skating effect.
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