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  1. You know when you're a newbie to something and aren't sure whether something is a typo or just lingo? lol. This was one of those times.
  2. Excellent link, flytire. Thank you. Sometimes it's easier to look at SBS and not a video if you want to focus on a specific step. Follow-up question: What is poster hackle referring to?
  3. In addition to asking this question i've been reading quite a bit about whether wings add any value to a fish-able fly, which these will be. Thank you for the suggestions on the hen hackle as well as not adding a wing at all. I'll look into the parachute adams instead as the poly yarn is easy enough to work with and plentiful. Cheers!
  4. Hey all.. I've ventured into tying dries (my pockets are hurting!) and for some reason i can't quite wrap my mind around where/what is used for the wings on an Adams. Am i cutting off the tips of the dry fly hackle from the rooster cape or something else? As a side note, i purchased the whiting dry fly 1/2 cape starter kit if it helps you know what i'm holding in my hands right now (http://www.featheremporium.com/Fly-Tying-Feathers/dry-fly-hackle2.html - 1/4 of the page down) Thanks in advance.
  5. That's exactly the information I was looking for. What prompted the question was the many instructional videos I've seen where some end with what type of water to fish it in but there was never an explanation as to why. I love this forum. 3 posts with enough information to think and work on all season. Thank you!
  6. Simple and easy to navigate site. job well done! I like the patterns at the end of the lessons. It ties it all together.
  7. Hi all, What defines whether a fly is to be used in slow, fast waters or whether in ripples? Thx Thirstea
  8. That "cave" redefines the words man cave! Wow!
  9. Thank you all for your feedback! There's a wealth of knowledge in all your comments that I'll put to the vise today and see what comes of the new attempt! Steve & shoebop.. Proportions, proportions, proportions! Got it! A better hook as has been mentioned will probably shorten up the tail. Flafly, I have a creative background and that's what drew me to fly tying. I saw some classic salmon flies and knew this was something I'm going to do. Figured I'd start with simpler flies to learn techniques on before attempting a fully dressed one.. That's currently the long term goal! Will I fish these wets? Probably. Part of the learning process is seeing how the materials move in the water so I can then pair various materials to give a desired affect. I have been tying various nymphs and streamers that I do fish with more so on a regular basis. Flytire, appreciate the links and the book reference. I can visualize a hook gape wide wing making this fly more more balanced! I'll shoot for that next time. Henrik, that's a good mindset regarding thread as I've been doing the opposite while I should be taking as few wraps as possible. Crackaig, choosing the right size hook is a mystery to me at this point. I try to match what a recipe calls for usually. Lately I've just been tying with different hooks so I can see for myself which looks better.
  10. This is my first attempt at doing a married wing and this style of fly. Pick it apart please. There's alot probably, i know Some questions.. how do i avoid the collapse of the wing like this? Notice the blue. I held it as tight as i could The throat looks odd to me. Too long? too far back? Gold tinsel is too thick i think.. can it be wrapped in that direction? looks backwards to me. I called this a wet fly in my title.. is it a wet fly? I also need a bigger cup and better lighting for the pictures.. this is a work in progress lol.
  11. Those are great looking buggers. 3rd picture.. the chartreuse bugger, what is that hackle used? It's got nice barring to it.
  12. Would love to see pictures of these flies you're all receiving. The off coloured hackle is interesting to see tied.
  13. What i really enjoy about his videos are the little tips, for example in the image you posed above, when you use the marker to only colour in one direction so it maintains the segmentation appearance. It takes your fly up to another level with such a simple tip. I'm learning quite a bit from his videos.
  14. This should be over in the beginner section but here it is.. Mrs Simpson. First attempt. down turned eye hooks give me trouble. Will try it again with a straight eye next time and a 4xL instead of the 3xL.
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