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  1. Fly1


    Mike I'm pretty sure Leech Yarn is another name for that hair that grows on your back. Have fun :hyst: Ken
  2. I stopped in on my way to Cape Cod one year. I had a hard time finding it at first because I didn't realize it was in a small house and by the time I did find it, it was right at closing time. The volunteer there said come in and don't worry we'll stay open until your done looking around. I really appreciated it. After that it was off to the original Orvis store. Ken
  3. You should be able to add it to your post where it says File Attachments. I've added pdf's to some of my posts for people to download. Ken
  4. Gary I find that Big Foot hair makes a great substitute for Yak hair. Ken
  5. Most photo printing softwares have an option to change any photo into black and white and even ink type hand drawn sketches that come out looking quite nice. Ken
  6. Great looking fly Chrissy :headbang: it's a helluva lot better than the first one I tied Ken
  7. I flatten all barbs. I fish a lot of C&R only streams that require barbless hooks only. So it's easier to do them all so I don't have to worry about which fly I pick to use. Ken
  8. These ones are easy to ty and work great for trout and bass. Ken
  9. The ones in my neck of the woods are black or dark brown but where the segments are on the bottom you can see olive green. Ken
  10. Still one of my favorite buggers Ken
  11. I use Philips Daylight Delux 40 watt tubes for my workshop. There about the brightest I can get. There pretty cheap too around $7 for a two pack at Home Depot. Ken
  12. Fly1

    Blow fly

    To make various "fly" patterns I use a couple of JC eyes tied in a V that seem to work quite well. Small eyes for small flies, larger ones for Dobson flies Ken
  13. I like to use Mustad small bait hooks size 10 or 8 for steelhead and salmon nymphs. The hooks are a bit offset and the points are turned in a bit so I don't get as many snags or hangups as with normal nymph hooks but they usually they hold better if you do get a hit so you don't lose as many fish. Ken
  14. You can find some other Woven Patterns here. Ken
  15. I've seen some Steelhead in Ontario tribs actually spawning in Dec. I think it's certain strain or something in the stocking method that causes them to spawn then. I think this variety is being encouraged now because they spawn when there's less fishing pressure on the water at this time of year. Ken
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