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  1. Hi my names Jake Moxon im 23 and just recently got back into Fly tying. I used to tie when i was a kid and then work and other hobbies got in the way until recently. I finally got my own place and room for a man cave so i figured i would get my stuff out of storage and get it set up! I love this forum and everyone in it seems really helpful. Hope to see some people out on the water!
  2. I've been following Craigslist for awhile just can't find one with drawers instead of envelope slots. My table consists of my old computer desk with plastic storage bins that the girlfriend hates but it works till I find a nice desk.
  3. I couldn't help but start drooling when I stubbled on this picture. It turned into a day dreaming session of hours spent in front of such an amazing piece of furniture.
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