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  1. She definitely sounds like a keeper!!!!
  2. Looks like art to me! Would make a killer poster! Almost too pretty to fish (if there is such a thing).
  3. It is going to be a while; Hopefully by the first of the year. I am a one man operation and I do all my own tying, writing and photo work, also I am a painting contractor and I have a few accounts that require my attention. In the mean time I will try to post a few articles with photos, that will help you understand my techniques of tying flies Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the book and appreciate your work.
  4. Did you ever finish the book you mentioned on the Cruse Shrimp page?
  5. One of the first things we taught in scuba classes was not to pee in the wetsuit. The same goes for waders! I guess when you are really cold, any warmth is welcome. There is a product made for washing wet suits that is supposed to clean and freshen them. Just can't remember the name of it. And it might be too strong for waders. Wash waders in washer,gentle cycle and warm but not hot water, let them air dry outside. You can sprinke insides with baby powder to keep down odor and dampness from sweat. And helps prevent chaffing on long days.
  6. Nice. Really like the bright green. If it was more chartruse/limetruse it would be a speckled trout killer.
  7. It's called Glitter Foam, it can be found in the craft section of WalMart. It's like a 3mm thick foam with one side coated in glitter and the other side is adhesive-backed. Once I get the colors I want cut into the right sized strips, I cut the end of one strip (bottom piece) to a triangle shape, peel the backing, and tie it in. The secondary color piece, I peel the backing and stick it to the bottom piece, adhesive to adhesive. It's very strong stuff, I've never had it come apart. Thanks, gotta get some this weekend and give it a workout. Colored a few with glitter fabric paint and with diamond dust nail polish but none looked that nice.
  8. Sweet, really like the top color. What is it and what was used to apply it?
  9. Most everything I tie comes out looking pretty strange. Just not intentionally.
  10. Book 'em Dano! Pursue it. Even if nothing is accomplished, if there are enough complaints and someone does get it brought forward it gives them ammo for court. It establishes a pattern of theft.
  11. Way too pretty to take to the river. Beautiful display box though.
  12. Thanks Rich. Dummy me thought to run a search last nite and found the site you gave. Do appreciate the reply!!!
  13. YOUR recipe please! Great color combos.
  14. You should take the time....I love my 6' 2wt. It is the only rod I take to the local creeks. Just a case of too many fish and too little time. Live 6 miles from saltwater and about the same to freshwater spots here in Texas. Work 4-10's and try to fish at least 2 of the 3 days off! That leaves a little time for upkeep on boats, tackle and flytying. Terrible I know, but somebody has to do it.
  15. Really Sweet!!!! Keep saying I will build a 6'-6", 2-3 wt. for myself but never seem to have time.
  16. "Seems hooks would also be less expensive to manufacture without the barb." One of the flyfishing magazines did an article several years ago about this. According to the article the opposite is true. If memory serves me right, the barb holds the hook in jigs as they are bent, shaped, sharpened, etc. The machinery that does this requires something to hold the hook and w/o a barb the hook will shift, spin and do other things that cause problems, slows production and causes a lot of wasted stock when it is mis-bent. This is the reason barbless typically cost more. From what I remember the reasoning given actually made sense. Me - :dunno:
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