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  1. Hi all! Im at the fly fishing show in somerset need to ln8w what size dumbell eyesshould be used for clousers? My next question is i just picked up a 9wt tfo im fairly new to flyfishing in general but completely green to salt water fly what do I use for leader? The largestleader I could find atthe show was 7x. Can I just use a good mono or TN is there a tapered 9wt? I was hoping to get everything I needed th8s weekejd for salt before I move to OBX thanks for any help in advanve
  2. Wind is something to wory bout but most of my fishing down there will be in the albemarle sound where I know a good number of spots tht I can wade out a bit and also around oregon inlet. I looked on cabelas sitd n can not find anything setup for a $100 unless I misunderstood what someone was saying. I appreciatr the input the show is starting tomorrow ill be there sunday looking at my options. Is there anything special as far as the. Line goes tht I should be looking for? Is there such thing as a salt water specific fly line?
  3. I am currently living in NJ doing only fresh water fly fishing. I just started about a year ago and I am hooked I barely touched my spinning and bait casting setups this year because of how much im enjoying fly fishimg. At this point though im gettimg ready to move to the wonderful outer banks of north carolina salt water fishimg heaven on the east coast lol. I want to get a decent setup for salt water now gonna be fishing for anything from fluke to blue fish speckled trout bass thinki g a 9 or 10weight in a 9 foot. Anyone have any recommendations for what to get im prob gonna be able to afford about 300-400 dollars. Evan if there isnt a outfit available some sugestions on what I should look for in a rod n reel fpr salt water so I know what to look for at the fly fishing show here in jersey in two weeks it would be greatly appreciated
  4. So a hunter friend of mine has been saving all his buck tails for a few years planning on making his own salt water rigs n never got to it now i have 7 nice size buck tails and he gave me a nice size patch of fur. I would like to add some colors so What kind of dies should I use to die deer fur and buck tails?
  5. So in my tyinh book a pattern im interested in calls for turkey biots? What is this exacyly thanks
  6. Thanks for the input guyys. It really is my first attempt at these though lol I bought the book "The Benchside Introduction To Fly Tying" yesterday and it is a great help to technigue. I took my time last night n followed step by step to makke this fthis one alone prob took me atleast a half hr to make. Lol. Again thanks for the input guys
  7. I am a complete newby when it comes to tying. I bought my first vise, tools, and material last weekend at the tying show in somerset nj. Was just looking to get some inout on my first attempt at the pheasant taik nymph. Thanks in advance!
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