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  1. Likewise Cphubert, tight lines this summer. June is my favorite time of year with the big hens coming in, though I hear ya, the runs aren't what they used to be unfortunately. I'm fishing primarily the Restigouche and Matapedia these days, and the latter still allows doubles which is nice as I agree, they ride better, especially for smaller sized flies. Hope you have good luck wherever you find yourself swinging flies this summer!

  2. Hi Joseph, thanks. I don't remember exactly what took that fish, but nothing too large. Probably a #2 or #4 brown, blue, or crevette (shrimp) colored fly.




    Hi Vic, I have more of this video, but I'm pretty sure a few good cuss words slipped out, so cut it short... :). Fish was about 14lbs.


    Willie Gunn...I fish dry fly a lot in eastern Canada when the water goes over approximately 60 degrees fahrenheit. That particular pool is dry fly heaven... water moves just right. Make your way to this part of the world sometime! Message me if you ever decide too, I'll fill you in on some great places to go.

  3. Hey Adam, the pic is of my guide holding the salmon - I've been fishing with him on and off for 30 years and have been catching salmon with him since I was 15 years old. As for your fish - keep that fly swinging! You'll connect again - no doubt! I'm going to post a video of a salmon I caught earlier this week on a dry fly. If you're not hooked on salmon fishing yet (and it sounds like you already are!), once you catch one dry fly fishing, you'll be hooked for sure! Best, tight lines, Doug

  4. Hi Adam,


    Nice Smolt! We've been seeing a good number parr in the river feeding away, which is great to see. I am from northern Maine and grew up fishing new Brunswick and Quebec salmon rivers. Nowadays. I fish mostly the Restigouche and Matapedia rivers, and make my way to the Mirimachi from time to time as well. How about you?

  5. Thanks all,


    FlatsRoamer, I'm 100% catch and release on Atlantic Salmon due to population stresses these days...


    I'll post some others sometime soon, along with a video (if I can on this site) of a salmon grabbing my dry fly this past weekend...


    Love you see pics from other folks too ;)


    Tight lines!

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